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  1. Heart disease risk revealed with this 1-minute trick

    Find out your risk for heart disease WITHOUT a doctor (This one-minute test reveals all!)

    In the era of instant gratification, there’s a lot you can do in one minute.

    You can record a TV show, read the news, and order dinner at the same time…

    You can talk to several people at once through text messages…

    Or call a driver to pick you up only moments later.

    But there’s something else you can do with that minute that’s far more valuable.

    There’s a simple test you take on your own -- and without any help from a doctor, it’ll tell you more than just about any lab test in the world.

    This quick trick can do THREE things at once… and it can do it in UNDER A MINUTE:

    • Reveal your TRUE heart risk
    • Predict your chances of LIFE or DEATH
    • Kickstart a plan to REVERSE it

    And when you follow up with the action plan I’ll give you today, you could truly stay one step ahead of death!

    Try this one-minute test

    All you’re going to need to take this test is a staircase that goes up at least four flights.

    Whether it’s the local parking garage… a nearby school… an office or hotel… or perhaps even right where you live… ditch the elevator and hike up those steps.

    See how far you can get in a minute (with caution, of course).

    If you can make it up those four flights in a minute or less, congratulations. You’ve aced the test!

    If it takes a little longer… well… you’ve got a little cause for concern (but don’t worry too much; I’ll help you chase that concern away in a moment).

    A new study finds this stair test is the single BEST way to predict your risk of heart problems or death from heart problems if you have or are at risk coronary artery disease.

    That’s when your arteries start to tighten up, restricting blood flow and leading to struggles delivering oxygen and nutrients all over your body, including your brain.

    But more importantly, it can stop blood from reaching your heart, leading to a heart attack.

    One sign of narrowing arteries is slower moving, especially slower walking, which is why the stair test is so effective.

    Moving faster could be a sign of healthier arteries with stronger blood flow…

    And indeed, the new report from the European Society of Cardiology finds making it in a minute or less will cut your risk of death from heart problems by an impressive 10 percent.

    On the flipside, a slower move up the stairs could be a key sign that the arteries are closing up…

    It could TRIPLE your risk of death from heart disease!

    But you can turn that risk around with quick action -- and I don’t mean working out on a stair-climbing contraption.

    Get to work on sweeping out your arteries!

    Vitamin K can rush through and clear out the junk, helping to pop them open so you have:

    • Better circulation
    • More movement
    • Lower risks

    Just speak to a doc first since it doesn’t mix well with warfarin.

    And if your arteries are even tighter, speak to a holistic medical doctor about more intensive treatment options such as chelation.

  2. Heart disease DEFEATED with a simple pigment

     [STRANGE!] This COLOR could cut your death risk

    Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t expect to learn today...

    There’s a single color that has the power to:

    • Protect your body;
    • Prevent one of today’s top causes of death; and
    • SAVE your life!

    No, I haven’t been sniffing too much nutmeg.

    This cheery Christmas hue has just been PROVEN to STOP heart disease in its tracks...

    ‘Tis the season to SLASH your risk of cardiac death

    There’s the green of the tree… the white of the snow… the silver and gold trim.

    But it’s the red you see in everything from holiday berries, Rudolph’s nose, and Santa’s famous suit that can do so much MORE than make your Christmas decorations pop...

    New research reveals a natural pigment that gives many fruits and vegetables their red and purple colors can not only prevent serious heart problems, but can literally cut your risk of an early death.

    Talk about a Christmas miracle!

    Those rich colors are provided by anthocyanins, which are part of natural age-defying, disease-fighting antioxidant family called flavonoids.

    Anthocyanins can fight the damage caused by toxins, aging and more.

    And they do it right where it matters most: on the cellular level.

    The new report analyzed 19 other studies, using data from more than 600,000 people -- some of whom were tracked for as long as 41 years.

    What they found was a STRONG and CONSISTENT link between anthocyanins and heart risk.

    The more of these red-powered nutrients you get… the LOWER your risk!

    Overall, folks with the highest anthocyanin intake had nearly a 10 percent lower risk of developing coronary heart disease.

    Better still, the study found these same potent compounds will cut your risk of dying from this disease by 8 percent.

    That’s the most common form of heart disease, responsible for 1,000 deaths in America every single day.

    But you can AVOID it completely with these all-natural antioxidants.

    You can get anthocyanins by eating plenty of red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables. That means cherries, eggplant and blueberries and such.

    While most people eat these foods, not many people eat them often enough to get the high levels you need for the heart-protecting benefits.

    I suggest natural antioxidant supplements as well as blueberry extract, tart cherry and/or grapeseed-based formulas for their overall age-fighting benefits.

  3. Heart disease linked to metals in food and water

    Chase away this HIDDEN heart-wrecker Heart problems? You? NEVER! Even if you show every sign of good health… and have passed EVERY test with flying colors… you could STILL be a ticking time bomb. Because there’s something hidden in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe that could WRECK your heart. It’s the SECRET...
  4. Reset heart disease risk with CoQ10 and selenium

    This dynamic duo gives your heart a second chance! Everyone loves a do-over, right? Sometimes, it’s easy -- like when your buddies let you rescue the golf ball after a lousy drive. Other times, not so much. There’s no undoing a traffic accident (or the bills that follow). You’d think your HEALTH would fall into that second category, especially if...
  5. Heart disease linked to common herpes virus

    Could your heart be infected… with herpes? It’s one of the most common viruses on the planet… one that someone in your household likely has right now. It might be you – and you might not even know it. The cytomegalovirus is what we call a slow-burner. It sits in the background and doesn’t do much in many cases. Or...
  6. Heart disease deaths linked to lead exposure

    Are you secretly being poisoned? You hear a lot about heavy metal here at my clinic, and I don't mean that awful noise on the radio. As bad as the "music" is, there's another kind of heavy metal that's worse. At least with the stuff on the radio, the only risk is to your hearing. This OTHER heavy metal can...
  7. Heart disease? Avoid this antibiotic

    URGENT: New warning for heart patients The feds are out with a new warning that's making big headlines... stunning doctors and patients alike. The FDA says that a wildly popular antibiotic can HURT and even KILL heart patients. And it's urging docs to limit or avoid the meds in these folks. The agency is acting like it's protecting you. It...
  8. Heart disease ignored in women

    How doctors make heart disease WORSE in women Ladies, there's a form of gender discrimination out there that's far worse than anything you might've faced out in the workplace. This one isn't about your salary... or even your job title. It's about your HEALTH -- and if you end up facing this ugly "hidden" bias, you could end up paying...
  9. Omega-3s block heart disease

    Slash your risk of death by up to 30 percent! It's the top killer in the nation by far, responsible for 1 in 3 deaths, including comedy legend Jerry Lewis just last month. If a guy with all of that money and fame can't beat heart disease, what are your chances? I'd say they're pretty good! You have something Jerry...
  10. Vitamin C cuts heart disease risks

    Natural miracle slashes heart risk by 70 percent Can you believe this nonsense? After 13 YEARS of research and HUNDREDS of millions of dollars, Merck managed to produce a drug that cuts heart risk by a measly 9 percent. I wouldn't sneeze at that if it were safe and cheap. But this is a drug with worrisome side effects and...
  11. Heart disease linked to low iron

    Could IRON protect you from heart disease? When it comes to iron levels, think of Johnny Cash... and keep a close watch on that heart of yours. Because a just-out study finds a direct link between iron levels and heart risk. If you're falling short in this mineral, then your risk of coronary artery disease jumps. But if you get...
  12. Nutrient defeats heart disease inflammation

    Beat the damage of heart disease... naturally! If you want to fight aging -- and who doesn't? -- forget the years on the calendar. You're obviously not going to change those. But you CAN take action against one of the other signs of aging, and it's the one responsible for just about all of the chronic diseases you face as...
  13. Heart disease deadlier with depression

    Survive heart disease by dodging this secret risk factor Heart disease doesn't need any help as it tries to kill you. It's already plenty deadly all by its lonesome. But odds are, it's getting some assistance -- and that extra help is coming from where you least expect it. If you're ignoring stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood problems... if...
  14. Heart disease risks hidden in women

    The 'hidden' heart risk in women Is heart disease a man's disease? Not on your life, ladies -- and if you ignore the risk, as MILLIONS do, that's exactly what'll be on the line. Your life. It's not your fault. It's your own doctor that's to blame here, because a new survey finds that he has absolutely NO CLUE how...
  15. Traditional Chinese medicine helps heart disease

    MAJOR VICTORY: Study backs natural medicine for heart patients A major new study from the mainstream backs traditional Chinese medicine for both patients with heart disease AND folks at risk for the condition. Yet the doctors behind it couldn't resist taking a few cheap potshots at the entire field anyway! The study reviewed some 50 clinical trials and found big-time...
  16. Protect your DNA to prevent heart disease

    Heart disease is the nation’s leading killer, but you can cut your risk of dying from this condition by taking action to protect your DNA and keep your telomeres from shrinking. It’s easier than it sounds!
  17. Slash heart disease risk with this nutrient

    Heart disease is a killer, but it doesn’t have to kill YOU. Fish oil can slash your risk of this deadly condition, even if you already have the warning signs.
  18. Fight heart disease with this cocoa compound

    It’s heart protection from the unlikeliest of places! The cocoa in chocolate can cut your risk of death from heart disease by almost 40 percent.
  19. Heal your heart with food

    Heart patients who boost their fiber intake have a lower risk of an early death, new research reveals. But beware of the supermarket "whole grain" bait and switch.
  20. How women can prevent heart disease naturally

    A little bit of exercise can help women to prevent heart disease, new research confirms.

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