1. Homeopathy under new attack from the FDA

    [URGENT] FDA launches new attack on natural medicine

    Who’s the FDA really protecting?

    I think we all know the answer by now – but in case it wasn’t obvious, the agency has just launched an all-out assault on an entire branch of safe and effective natural medicine.

    They just fired off an angry warning against homeopathic medicine built around wild exaggerations and outright lies.

    The FDA notes – correctly – the “like cures like” principle of homeopathy, where treatments are made from the substances causing the problem… then adds, breathlessly, “including known poisons.”


    Of course, they don’t mention all the poisonous drugs out there (a generic heartburn med was recently found contaminated with LITERAL poison, and the FDA still hasn’t issued an official recall).

    This scare tactic also ignores another basic principle of homeopathy: it’s so heavily diluted that the original substance can’t even be detected, much less harmful.

    Which leads to the other common criticism of homeopathy – that the treatments can’t work because there’s “nothing” in them.

    I wish these naysayers would make up their minds; homeopathy can’t be both ineffective because nothing is in it, and dangerous because it contains “poison!

    So let me cut through the bull here and tell you what’s REALLY going on...

    Because, as you’ll see in a moment, I’m in a very unique position to give the what’s what on homeopathy.

    The absolute TRUTH about homeopathic medicine

    I studied homeopathic medicine at the University of Glasgow in Scotland – one of the oldest and most respected universities on the planet. It’s ranked in the top 100 in the world, and its medical program is No. 2 in the United Kingdom.

    I’m not trying to toot my own horn here.

    My point is this: If homeopathic medicine were unproven and unsafe, why in the heck would it be such a valuable part of a leading medical program?

    Seems to me like the real problem isn’t homeopathy.

    It’s over-reaching government bureaucrats joined at the hip to the drug industry!

    Every time someone takes a homeopathic remedy, they’re NOT taking a drug—and that’s what really has both the feds and the industry alarmed.

    I’m here to discourage you from being intimidated by their bad advice and fear tactics.

    Genuine homeopathic medicine is not only perfectly safe, but incredibly effective for dozens if not hundreds of common conditions.

    Let me give share with you one of the best options… for one of the most common complaints of all.


    You know it. You loathe it. We all do.

    Most people turn to over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen for daily aches – except regular use of those drugs can cause stomach pain, liver and kidney damage and more.

    They’ve even been linked to long-term risks such as heart attack and death.

    Homeopathic arnica can deliver the same relief, with exactly NONE of those risks. It’s NUTS that this isn’t the go-to remedy for pain...but because it’s a homeopathic medicine, the mainstream won’t even mention it.

    But don’t let that stop you from giving it a shot; if the safety and the studies aren’t enough to convince you, just look at the reviews on Amazon.com where they have 4-5 star ratings even after hundreds and in some cases more than 1,000 reviews.

    Better still, it’s so inexpensive that a $10-$15 supply could last you several years.

  2. Your MOST EFFECTIVE natural medicines… now under attack!

    If there’s anything I’ve learned to count on, it’s this:

    The MOMENT something safe, natural and inexpensive is proven to work…

    They attack it with everything they got.

    From smear campaigns in the press, to legal assaults in the courts, to attacks by lawmakers and regulators who try to limit your access, the mainstream will work day and night to RESTRICT the therapies—and even flat-out ban them.

    And that’s exactly what is happening right now with some of the safest and most effective natural remedies out there.

    I’m talking, of course, about homeopathic medicine.

    But today, I’ve got the only thing you need to FIGHT BACK...

    I’ve got the scoop on what therapies work best—plus, how to get them…even as they fight to keep them away from you.

    The relentless ASSAULT on homeopathic medicine

    You can see why they hate it. It’s a direct threat to the bottom line!

    Homeopathy has proven highly effective for:

    • Pain
    • Allergies
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Post-menopausal symptoms
    • Fever
    • Sleep
    • Infections

    It’s in direct competition with best-selling over-the-counter and prescription meds.

    And believe me, competition is the LAST thing in the world they want!

    So a series of recent reports shows how the mainstream is attacking homeopathy with everything they’ve got…

    For example:

    • Walmart is being SUED for having the nerve to sell homeopathic medicine.
    • Congress is being LOBBIED to ban the remedies.
    • The FDA is working on new rules to RESTRICT
    • Overseas, Prince Charles is being attacked for becoming a patron of a homeopathic organization.
    • And in France, officials say they will END the nation’s highly popular reimbursement program from homeopathic medicine.

    I’m sick of the baseless attacks.

    So today, I’m going to share what they hope you NEVER see--and that’s absolute proof that homeopathic medicine works for THREE of today’s leading health complaints:

    1. Allergies: Got the summer sniffles? Homeopathic medicine can wipe out allergies by desensitizing you to the triggers – an approach so successful the mainstream is now copying it with their own drugs. The best remedy will depend on the cause and symptoms, including:
    • Sneezing: Allium cepa and/or nux vomica
    • Leaky eyes: Euphrasia (made from the aptly named eyebright plant)
    • Dry cough: Bryonia
    • Runny nose: Allium cepa and/or nux vomica
    1. Menopause and post-menopausal symptoms: Homeopathic medicine BEAT both the drug fluoxetine (a common mood drug) and a placebo for women facing mood problems and hot flashes during and after menopause.

    They didn’t get a single remedy but specific formulas tailored to their symptoms, so you may need to mix-and-match or consult a holistic doc to figure out what’s best for you.

    1. Back pain: This is a leading cause of drug use, from the overuse of stomach-damaging over-the-counter meds to the prescription opioids responsible for so much misery.

    But homeopathic medicines can work WONDERS for pain of nearly all forms, especially back pain.  I recommend topical homeopathic arnica and rhus toxicodendron to use as needed.

    And for life’s everyday health problems – including the ones that sneak up on you – I suggest keeping a “homeopathic first aid” kit handy, which has many of the go-to remedies for common ailments in one handy place.

    Walmart sued over marketing of homeopathic treatments


    "A New Era for Homeopathic Drug Product Regulation" March 22, 2018 Issue


    FTC Urges FDA To Reevaluate Current Approach To Regulating Homeopathic Drugs


    Prince Charles under fire for becoming patron of homeopathy body


    Homeopathy vs fluoxetine study:


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