1. Sunshine has the power to beat prostate cancer

    When it comes to prostate cancer, the biggest challenge isn't detecting it. It's sorting the common tumors that won't harm you from the rare ones that can kill you.

    Doctors haven't figured out the secret yet, but of course Mother Nature already has -- because there's one vitamin proven to stop the most dangerous tumors right in their tracks.

    The good news is that it's a vitamin you can get easily for free. The bad news is, you're probably not getting nearly enough of it.

    Yes, it's the same vitamin D you get from spending time under the sun… but don't get if, like most people, you spend the bulk of the day indoors (and cover yourself in sunscreen when you do head out to the beach).

    That's a big mistake for everyone, because we all need our D. And it's an even bigger mistake for men, because the latest research from the Harvard School of Public Health finds that high D levels have a powerful effect on the worst-of-the-worst prostate tumors.

    The study of more than 2,500 men tracked for nearly two decades finds that men with the highest blood levels of D were 57 percent less likely to die of those tumors than men with the lowest.

    In fact, of the 114 men in the study who did die of prostate cancer, 31 were in the group with the lowest blood levels of D -- while just 19 came from the group with the highest.

    The study didn't find any difference in the overall number of tumors, but I think the survival benefit alone means it's worth making sure you increase your D levels -- especially since studies have shown it's one of our biggest nutritional deficiencies.

    The cheapest way, of course, is to head outside and soak up some rays. But the easiest way -- and the best way to make sure you consistently get what you need -- is by taking a supplement.

    You don't have to be concerned about your prostate to boost your levels of this essential hormone (and yes -- despite the name, it's a hormone). You don't even have to be a man, because vitamin D is essential for everything from bone health to brain support -- and it can boost the immune system like nothing else out there.

    But let's get back to prostate cancer, because along with vitamin D there's another all-natural substance that can help you beat the disease.

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  2. The hormone deficiency that's robbing you of muscle

    There's no doubt about it: We all lose a little something off our muscle as we age, and all the training and exercise in the world can't stop it.

    But there's a difference between "losing a little" and "losing a lot" -- and today, far too many seniors are losing WAY too much.

    It's hurting and even killing them. But for men, at least, there may be an easy answer for slowing and reversing the muscle loss that comes with age -- and it's that same hormone that makes you a man in the first place.

    It's testosterone -- and the latest research on 1,200 seniors who were tracked for nearly five years finds that those with the highest levels of it keep the most of their muscle, especially the critical muscle in the arms and legs.

    And those who have the lowest levels, on the other hand, lose more muscle and have more difficulty with basic leg function and simple exercises and even trouble getting up from a chair.

    This shouldn't be too surprising, since the links between the hormone and muscle mass are pretty well known. Bodybuilders have been boosting their testosterone levels for years to help transform themselves into walking mountains of muscle.

    But for seniors, this isn't just some exercise in vanity -- and it's not even about the frustration of, say, losing the ability to open a jar of spaghetti sauce.

    It's a life-or-death issue, because seniors with low muscle mass have an increased risk of falls and other injuries. Reach a certain age, and any fall can lead to long-term hospitalization, permanent institutionalization and even death.

    If you're past middle age -- and certainly, if you're a senior -- odds are the needle on your testosterone tank is swinging towards the "E." A naturopathic physician can top your tank off the right way, but he can't do anything at all if you don't ask.

    In other words, don't be shy on this one.

  3. The manly way to lower your heart risk

    You already know how testosterone can bring your sex life back from the dead. Now, the latest research shows how it can keep the rest of you out of the grave as well. In fact, this manly hormone can slash your risk of two of the greatest killers of seniors: heart attack and stroke.

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