Doctors forced into flu shots

Here's a question to ask yourself before you get a flu shot: If these vaccines are so safe and effective, why do so many doctors and nurses risk their jobs by refusing to get them?

Across the country, states, local governments, and individual hospitals are joining forces in a push to require healthcare workers to get mandatory flu shots -- and in some cases, these workers are being told they'll be fired if they don't get vaccinated.

The latest is in Colorado, where hospitals are supposed to make sure that at least 60 percent of their workers get mandatory flu shots by the end of the year. In a few years, they're supposed to have 100 percent of their workers vaccinated.

But most hospitals there aren't waiting. They want everyone to get a flu shot now -- and if they don't reach that 100 percent level, they'll start laying people off.

In a time when hospitals are understaffed and qualified doctors and nurses are in short supply, it seems downright reckless to me to fire these people just to make a point about mandatory flu shots -- especially when we all know these shots aren't very effective in the first place.

Studies show that flu shots provide only minimal protection against the flu, and even that minor benefit is debatable at best. It's also clear that flu shots don't reduce the transmission of the virus or reduce the number of hospitalizations related to flu.

And in some cases, flu shots may actually cause the flu -- like the recent study out of Canada that found the 2008-2009 seasonal flu shot actually increased the risk of getting swine flu. (Read my Health Revelations newsletter to learn more about that. If you're not a subscriber already click here to learn how you can become's easy!)

There's a much better way to lower your risk of flu and fight the disease if you do get it -- and that's by building your immune system so you don't get sick in the first place.

That's what these doctors who refuse the mandatory flu shots are doing, as well as their nurses. That's what I do myself, and I haven't had so much as a sniffle in years.

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