1. Insomnia linked to heart failure and stroke

    How sleepless nights could trigger frightening damage

    Just another night of missed sleep… another bleary-eyed morning… and another pot of coffee to get you through it.

    Well, friend, that caffeine might help you power through your morning.

    But it can’t fix something else.

    Your sleepless nights can do something far worse than make you feel run down, worn out and just plain sapped of all your energy.

    They could cause DEADLY damage, deep inside your body.

    And if you’ve been missing out on sleep… night after night… then consider this your wakeup call.

    It’s time to take action and solve the hidden cause of your own sleep problem...

    Because if you don’t act soon, your LIFE could be on the line!

    Revealed: the TRUE risk of sleep loss

    It’s not just a bedtime story: Your cells take a beating when you don’t sleep.

    Your body has a natural process to repair and restore itself, but a key part of it takes place during your downtime.

    When you’re up when you SHOULD be down, that rejuvenation never happens.

    And, ever so slowly, damage to your cells becomes damage to your organs, your arteries, your brain and beyond.

    In the new study, folks with the gene that often signifies a predisposition to insomnia had a higher risk of:

    • Heart disease
    • Heart failure
    • Stroke

    The risk is especially high for what’s called a “large artery stroke”—and if that sounds ominous, you’re right.

    Think of a big tree; the large arteries are the main branches that come off the trunk, with smaller branches coming off each of those.

    When you cut off a larch branch you’re not only cutting off the branch itself, but the smaller ones that emerge from it.

    It’s like that in your brain, too. A stroke in a smaller blood vessel can cause less damage because it delivers blood to a much smaller part of the brain.

    But when it’s a large artery, all bets are off.

    The large arteries deliver blood to larger parts of the brain. They also feed those smaller arteries that branch off from it.

    That means in a large artery stroke, blood flow is cut off from ALL of that… impacting much larger parts of the brain.

    Those are the strokes that do the most damage and have the highest potential to leave behind both cognitive decline and physical disability.

    And it could all begin from the damage of sleepless nights!

    If you’ve been suffering from sleepless nights… or, worse yet, if they happen so frequently you now consider them to be “normal” for you… it’s time to take action…

    Ironic, considering what you need is the OPPOSITE of action.

    You need complete inaction as your body rests, recovers, repairs and rejuvenates.

    And you can get it, too.

    One of the fastest, safest and most effective ways to get a full night of sleep tonight and every night is melatonin.

    It’s called the “sleep hormone” because your body makes it at night, as a means of signaling bedtime.

    But as you get older, your body gets much less efficient at making it.

    That means you need a melatonin pick-me-up in order to settle yourself down.

    It’s easily found as capsules and such, but for the fastest and most effective results look for a form that dissolves in your mouth. That allows it to go directly into the bloodstream so it kicks in right away, and you can fall asleep within minutes.

  2. ERASE hidden sleep problems with this powerful herb

    ERASE hidden sleep problems with this powerful herb

    Right now, millions of Americans are suffering from a “hidden” sleep problem.

    It’s a disorder that disguises itself so well that many folks never even think they have a sleep problem at all.

    They don’t toss and turn. They don’t wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back asleep. And they don’t find themselves staring at the clock at 5 a.m. wondering why they keep waking up so early.

    They get a full night of rest.

    Yet something’s wrong. They know it — even if they can’t quite put their finger on it.

    It’s the old quantity vs. quality issue, as good sleep isn’t just a matter of hitting a certain number of hours.

    You also need the right kind of sleep, because poor sleep quality can leave you feeling crummy all day.

    And it’s a problem that’s especially common among older folks.

    It’s time to fight back, and a new study has just the ticket for getting better rest tonight and every night.

    It’s simple, safe, inexpensive, and widely available.

    This natural herbal therapy has the power to improve your quality of sleep, so you wake up ready to hit the ground running the moment your feet hit the bedroom floor.

    The answer is chamomile.

    This humble, daisy-like flower is known for its sweet scent and power to soothe the mind and restore calm, which can be especially effective at night.

    In the new study, chamomile went head-to-head against a placebo in folks over the age of 70 who were battling low sleep quality.

    The folks who got the real deal didn’t get more sleep. They got something even more important.

    They got BETTER sleep with big-time improvements in quality, which allowed them to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated instead of groggy and foggy.

    All from a little chamomile!

    Of course, many of us don’t just have a problem with sleep quality.

    There’s also the bigger issue: Too many Americans simply aren’t getting enough rest.

    They struggle to fall asleep and wake up too often in the night.

    Chamomile can help there, too.

    While the new study didn’t find that it can increase the amount of sleep time, I’ve seen research that shows it can. Chamomile is even more effective when you combine it with other natural sleep aids such as valerian and passionflower.

    You can usually find all three available as a supplement or — even better — a relaxing evening tea that’ll go down great an hour or so before bed.

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  5. Insomnia linked to car accidents

    Insomnia can do more than leave you feeling wrecked. It could leave you IN a wreck, increasing your risk of a car accident.
  6. Insomnia eased with talk therapy

    Insomnia is miserable at any age, but it can especially bad for seniors. Now, the latest research shows a drug-free way to get 41 extra minutes.
  7. Lack of sleep a brain-damaging habit

    Missing out on sleep can kill off critical neurons in the brain and set the stage for cognitive problems.
  8. Lack of sleep can cause pain

    Lack of sleep or low-quality sleep can increase your risk of widespread pain, new research finds.
  9. Sleep medications could cause heart attack

    The main ingredient in sleep drugs such as Ambien can increase your risk of a heart attack by up to 50 percent, according to new research.
  10. Too much sleep could kill you

    Everyone knows missing sleep is unhealthy. But most people don't realize that too much sleep could be just as bad, and maybe worse.
  11. Sleep medications can enhance bad memories

    Common sleep medications can enhance bad memories -- so the very things that keep you awake at night can actually be front-and-center on your mind the next day.
  12. Lack of sleep can increase heart risk

    Poor sleep habits can increase inflammation in women with heart disease -- and inflammation can worsen the disease.
  13. Electronic devices disrupt sleep cycles

    The artificial LED light from electronic devices like iPads fool your body into thinking it's daytime disrupting melatonin production, leading to sleep issues, immunity problems, and reducing your protection against diseases like cancer.
  14. Symptoms of insomnia triple heart risk

    Insomnia can strain your heart -- which is why the nightly loss of sleep can triple your risk of heart failure, according to one new study.
  15. Gadgets keep you awake even after you turn them off

    High-tech gadgets such as iPads keep millions awake each night -- and some emit a type of blue light that shuts down production of the sleep hormone melatonin.
  16. Get your rest, get your mojo back

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    Researchers asked 10 healthy men to get eight hours of sleep a night for a week at home before spending 11 nights in a sleep lab, where they snoozed for 10 hours a night for the first three nights... and then five hours a night for eight nights.
  17. Diet soda linked to heart risk

    A new study finds that people who drink diet soda regularly could find a heart attack or stroke at the bottom of their next bottle.
  18. Seniors beat insomnia with sleep counseling

    While anyone can face insomnia, seniors in particular often have problems conking out and staying out--sometimes because of all the meds they take-- and too many doctors are too quick to give them yet another med
  19. Sleepless men die sooner

    A new study finds that men who battle insomnia have quadruple the risk of an early death--and if you're suffering from disease along with your sleepless nights, your death risk can be even higher than that.
  20. Bad sleep now, bad health later

    Good sleep is important at any age... but for kids and young adults, insomnia can lead to a lifetime of poor health, bad habits and even mental illness. Two new studies paint a portrait of what can happen when kids and young adults spend too much time awake--and it's not the kind of picture you want in the family scrapbook...

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