kidney stones

  1. Rates of kidney stones rising in women

    Are you in the crosshairs for this painful condition?

    Ladies, equality is coming... just not the kind you've been hoping for!

    A new report finds that women are catching up to men by a measure you absolutely want nothing to do with.

    Kidney stones, once more common in guys, are now striking the ladies in alarmingly high rates.

    If you've EVER had one, you don't need any reminders on how painful they are.

    You might be suffering from flashbacks just reading this!

    If you've NEVER had one, pray you never do. It's been called the only kind of pain that comes close to that of giving birth -- a chance for men to get a little taste of what women have to go through.

    Now, that gender gap is closing.

    Over nearly three decades, the number of men with kidney stones has doubled... while the number of women with this agonizing condition has QUADRUPLED!

    Already the mainstream is busily making all sorts of excuses.

    Even the researchers behind the study claim that better diagnosis might be the reason, especially since more patients now get CT scans to confirm the stones.

    Maybe that explains some of it... but not all.

    The screams of pain are usually a solid indicator the moment the patient walks in!

    If a urine test shows some blood, that's even more evidence -- and of course, eventually that stone comes out (slowly and painfully), which is pretty hard to miss.

    The real reason the numbers are rising is almost certainly the modern diet taking its toll on the human body. In the past, women generally tended to eat healthier than men -- but in recent years, they've started to share some of those same bad habits.

    That modern junk-food diet is almost perfect for causing stones to form.

    More specifically, too much animal fat can cause your body to excrete calcium, which accumulates in the kidneys on its way out and turns into that painful little pebble.

    The calcium in dairy can also build up in the kidneys, so limit or avoid it.

    And, of course, watch out for processed foods of any kind. Sugar in general and soda in particular are both known to contribute to kidney stones.

    Drink water instead of soda. Not only will water NOT cause a stone to form, but keeping yourself hydrated -- and keeping your kidneys flushed with plain old water -- can help cut the risk of developing one.

  2. Kidney stones triggered by gout

    The hidden risk of gout

    If there's anything more painful than gout, it's got to be kidney stones. They say it's the only kind of pain a man can experience that's on par with giving birth.

    I don't know if that's true, but I do know this: I've seen kidney stones reduce grown men to tears.

    So, as much as you don't want to battle the pain of gout, you REALLY don't want to mess around with kidney stones.

    What does one have to do with the other? Turns out quite a bit, as the latest research reveals that this could be the worst kind of two-for-one deal.

    The pain of gout now... could lead directly to the misery of kidney stones later!

    Don't worry, I'll have your ticket out of this mess in a moment, so you won't need to suffer from either form of pain.

    It's a lot easier than you might think.

    But first, the new study finds that having gout will increase your risk of eventually developing kidney stones by 60 percent.

    The experts are especially alarmed because as far as they're concerned, treating the gout doesn't seem to cut the kidney risk.

    People who take allopurinol, the main drug used to slash levels of the uric acid responsible for those painful crystals inside the toe, don't have a lower risk of developing kidney stones.

    In other words, THEY think you're doomed. If you have crystals now, you could develop stones later... no matter what.

    But I don't think that's the case at all.

    The reason the drug doesn't prevent stones is almost certainly because the drug barely helps to prevent gout!

    A 2015 study found only 36 percent of the people who take allopurinol reach the targets for uric acid levels. Even worse, the drug doesn't seem to reduce the overall number of gout flare-ups, either.

    With results like that, OF COURSE it's not going to help cut the risk of kidney stones!

    If you take REAL action against gout, you can almost certainly cut your risk of not only painful flare-ups in your toe, but also agonizing stones bouncing around inside your kidneys.

    And the best way to do that is by adopting a back-to-basics, gout-fighting diet that minimizes foods rich in purines.

    In addition, consider supplements of tart cherry, which dissolves uric acid crystals and flushes them out through your kidneys. Not surprisingly, tart cherry extract is also shown to help protect against kidney stones, too.

    That's a two-for-one deal you can live with.

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