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  1. Alcohol-free wine can help blood sugar

    The benefits of wine -- without the alcohol

    If you drink because of the supposed health benefits of booze, I've got some sobering news for you today: You can get all those benefits -- and more -- without touching a drop of alcohol.

    It's true.

    For example, red wine lowers blood sugar. We know that -- but it's not because of its alcoholic content. It's because of all the great polyphenols and antioxidants in the drink, including resveratrol.

    Now, a new study proves it again as researchers find that wine without the alcohol is just as good as regular wine when it comes to blood sugar control.

    Researchers asked 67 men with a high risk of heart problems to spend four weeks drinking either gin, red wine, or dealcoholized red wine. Then, they spent four weeks drinking one of the other drinks… and four more weeks drinking the third beverage.

    Both red wine and the dealcoholized red wine had the same effect on insulin resistance, lowering it by up to 30 percent when compared to their levels at the start of the study, and up to 22 percent compared to the gin drinkers.

    That's not the only way the healthy compounds in wine can help you. In another study I told you about recently, the same resveratrol that can help reduce insulin resistance helped reduce hemoglobin A1c levels and lower blood pressure levels in patients with type-2 diabetes.

    And in that study, the patients didn't drink any wine at all -- they used supplements. I know I talk about the importance of getting nutrition from diet, but in this case supplements are actually better -- and not just because they're alcohol-free.

    It's because wine itself actually contains only very low levels of resveratrol and other antioxidants. Enough to get a benefit, sure -- but the real benefits found in many studies come from the much higher levels that you can only get from a quality supplement.

    Bottom line here is that you can feel free to have an occasional drink -- as long as you understand that there's always a chance any benefits will be offset by the risks. And if you're really just interested in those benefits, get them without the booze.

  2. Green tea can wipe out tumors

    Going green to beat cancer

    It can protect your heart, boost your brainpower, help you to lose weight, and even flat-out kill cancer cells.

    Gotta be some powerful new drug, right?

    Wrong... it's plain old green tea, and new studies show why this is almost certainly the healthiest drink on the planet.

    I'm sure you've heard by now how green tea can cut your risk of cancer and help fight the disease when you do get it. Now, new research shows how it works -- and hints at just how effective it can be when used right.

    The key is epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, and it's the most powerful of all the antioxidants in green tea. But in some tests, it hasn't shown much cancer-fighting power on its own.

    Turns out the problem wasn't the EGCG... it's how it was being used.

    Ingest it or take it intravenously, and the EGCG will scatter throughout the body -- and most of it will never touch the tumor.

    So in series of lab experiments, researchers created a targeted delivery system to bring the EGCG right to some skin cancer tumors -- and when it went right to the tumors, it practically wiped them out.

    Over a month of treatment, some tumors vanished completely. Overall, the EGCG made 40 percent of the tumors disappear in one experiment. In another, it was 30 percent. And in every case, researchers were stunned by what they saw.

    "I was expecting good results, but not as strong as these," researcher Christine Dufès of the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

    Researchers hope to hone their targeted delivery system and get even better results, and I'll certainly keep you posted.

    In the meantime, I've got some more new research on tea -- specifically, studies that show how it can actually help you to grow brain cells, improve learning, and boost memory.

    And it starts with that same EGCG.

    Researchers in China say this antioxidant can help the brain grow new cells -- and in a series of experiments on mice, they showed how those new cells could be put to work right away.

    Two sets of mice were taught to find a platform in a maze for a week. One set of mice was given EGCG, while the other was not.

    Then, the researchers hid the platform -- and the mice that had been given EGCG found it faster than the ones that didn't get any of the antioxidant.

    That's mice. But there's emerging evidence that our brains react the same way to this stuff -- and in another new study, researchers found that green tea extract increases activity in the region of the brain associated with memory.

    And when researchers boosted levels of EGCG, the activity in that section of the brain shot up right along with it.

    Other studies have shown that green tea can help stimulate weight loss, protect the heart, keep strokes at bay, lower cholesterol, and more.

    One study I told you about recently showed how green tea can help lower blood pressure. And if that's not enough, some studies have found that green tea might even provide the ultimate benefit: It could help you to live longer.

    A lower risk of death? I'll drink (tea) to that.

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