Mainstream admits: Chronic Lyme is real!

It's insult after injury.

For years, the medical mainstream has flat-out insisted that there's no such thing as chronic Lyme disease.

It's sworn up and down that it just doesn't exist!

It's claimed that once the disease is treated... once the immediate symptoms are gone... once you're back on your feet... you're cured.

But new research proves what so many Lyme disease patients can already tell you.

You're NOT cured.

Even when there is no longer any sign of the disease left -- like if tests can't pick up any sign of infection -- the new study finds that you could suffer from lasting and often debilitating symptoms.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University compared 61 patients -- across all age groups -- who had lingering symptoms after Lyme disease against 27 patients who never had the condition.

Tests confirmed that the Lyme was gone, or at least by mainstream measures.

Yet these 61 patients did far worse than the Lyme-free group by many other major measures.

Nearly half of them were battling severe fatigue... nearly a third were struggling with severe insomnia... and more than a quarter were battling severe pain problems, including back and neck pain.

While we all struggle with sleep and pain from time to time, what makes these patients so unusual is the severity of it.

The Lyme patients were also much more likely to report problems with irritability, headaches, numbness or tingling in the hands and feet, and more -- which were often so bad that they rated it as "severe."

In fact, none of the healthy patients had problems in those categories that they rated as severe.

The new study is welcome news to the tens of thousands of desperate Lyme patients whose doctors haven't been taking them seriously.

When there's no sign of infection, most docs will start to imply -- and maybe even come right out and state -- that the problems are all in your head.

Now, the study proves that it's real.

We know that it's there... we know that it can linger... and we know that patients can suffer.

But there's one thing that the mainstream STILL doesn't know -- and that's how to TREAT it!

One reason those problems linger is that they were never properly treated in the first place.

Heck, in many cases, it was never even properly diagnosed, which is why so many people with Lyme disease don't even know they have it.

That's why it's critical to insist on getting help even if your doctor says the disease has passed. And if he can't handle it, find someone who can.

Those of us in natural medicine have never doubted chronic Lyme. We know how to treat it, too, which is why I recommend working closely with a holistic medical doctor if you have, have had, or even suspect you've had Lyme.

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