1. Memory improved with this essential ‘brain repair’

    Stop the LEAK in your brain to END the drain!

    You know you’re not thinking right – but you also can’t quite explain what’s wrong, either.

    You’re slower… more absent-minded… and feeling like you’ve got a whole bunch of fog in there that just won’t clear out.

    Now, most folks think that’s just part of the whole aging game.

    And unless you’re in decline or suffering from dementia, your doctor will probably tell you as much.

    But all your memory struggles… and maybe even dementia itself… could have another cause.

    It’s a LEAK where you least expect it.

    Today, I’m going to share with you my REPAIR KIT for plugging up that “leaky brain” to STOP the drain and RESTORE your memory.

    Restore your memory and boost cognition with this quick fix

    There’s a lot to love about living out here in the Berkshires in winter.

    There’s NOTHING as good for the body and spirit as a walk through the hills after a fresh coat of snow on a chilly night, with only a sliver of moon to light your way.

    But I’m not going to lie: Living out here in winter means a LOT of work, too.

    It’s a constant battle to keep the SNOW and RAIN out of your home… and the HEAT trapped inside.

    And that means we’re always checking for leaks.

    Your brain’s the same way…

    You could have leaks up there – breaks in the seal that could let the good stuff out, and toxic junk to slip inside.

    These leaks in the all-important blood-brain barrier can, over time, lead to memory loss, cognitive decline and a whole lot more.

    But a new study on mice suggests that damage ISN’T permanent.

    If you can PATCH UP those leaks – and I’ll share my repair kit in a moment – you can refresh, restore and rejuvenate your brain.

    In essence, you can make it YOUNGER again!

    In experiments on mice, plugging up those leaks in the blood-brain barrier led to:

    • LESS inflammation in the brain; and
    • GREATER ability to learn new tasks

    They were so good at learning, in fact, they were able to MATCH much younger mice!

    Yes, in a very real way, fixing these leaks reversed aging in the brain.

    And it’s entirely possible that the same could happen for you.

    Researchers in the new study used a drug on the mice, but there’s another option here – a natural way to fix those leaks and rejuvenate your own brain.

    Just start with a B complex.

    In a study of seniors, this blend of B6, B12, and folate helped improve function of the blood-brain barrier and slowed the progression of mild cognitive impairment.

    And curcumin, a compound found in the spice turmeric, has been shown in tests on rats to restore the “tight junction proteins” that make up the most important part of your blood-brain barrier.

    That helps explain why this same compound has been shown in humans to help protect memory and overall brain function.

  2. Memory enhanced in just 20 minutes with rosemary

    Holiday herb turbo-charges your brain… in 20 MINUTES!

    It’s a potent little herb that goes with almost any meal – especially during the holidays.

    Whether it’s a Thanksgiving turkey, a rack of lamb for Christmas Eve, or roast pork for the New Year, rosemary brings its own delicious taste to meat.

    And if you think what it does for your meals is great… wait ’til you see what it does for your brain!

    Rosemary is a potent natural memory-booster than can also help enhance focus and concentration.

    Even small amounts of this humble herb can pack big benefits.

    And in one new study of rosemary extract mixed with water, the compounds inside the herb enhanced blood flow through the brain.

    When your brain gets more blood, it gets to soak up more oxygen as well as the essential nutrients it needs to function, leading to IMMEDIATE benefits.

    In the new study, volunteers were given either plain water or rosemary water followed by a series of tests to measure both working memory and long-term memory.

    Long-term memory is just what it sounds like; it’s your ability to quickly access and use the stuff in your brain’s long-term storage banks.

    Working memory is the short-term memory you rely on for everyday tasks and decisions.

    Within just 20 minutes, the folks who got the rosemary extract saw measurable improvements in both compared to people who just had plain water, scoring up to 15 percent better on tests.

    Not bad for a humble and inexpensive herb. And along with improving the memory, the ursolic acid in rosemary can also help fight cancer

    The new study tested a type of water mixed with rosemary extract, and if that’s your thing then feel free to enjoy it.

    But decades of research – and centuries of traditional medicine – have found that you can get the same benefits from rosemary in just about any form.

    In ancient Greece, students even wore garlands of rosemary to smell as they were studying.

    It worked, too, as modern studies have found rosemary is so powerful that even the aroma can boost your brain, improve your concentration and enhance your mood.

    You can cook with rosemary regularly: It goes great on poultry, lamb and steak, you can roast it with vegetables, or even infuse it into your olive oil.

    It’s also available as an essential oil for aromatherapy and as an extract in easy-to-swallow capsules.

  3. Test for Alzheimer’s disease

    A new blood test being pushed for dementia is so inaccurate that two-thirds of the people who test positive will never get the disease.
  4. Ginseng can ease fatigue in cancer patients

    Up to 90 percent of all cancer patients battle fatigue, but new research shows that ginseng can help restore those energy levels.
  5. Eye disease linked to brain disorders

    Keep an eye on your eyes -- because your peepers just might be the first part of your body to spy dementia coming.
  6. Feed your brain some fat

    There are plenty of places on the body where you definitely don't want fat building up. But there's one place you want as fat as can be, and that's right inside your skull.
  7. Speed and strength now can predict health risks later

    You probably don't spend much time at all thinking about how fast you walk or how strong your grip is. But maybe you should -- because a new study shows how these basic tests could help predict serious health problems years down the road.
  8. Quick quiz can measure your Alzheimer's risk

    We waste a fortune on tests we don't need for conditions we don't have -- conditions we often shouldn't be worrying about in the first place.
  9. Nicotine may slow cognitive decline

    Could nicotine possibly be good for you? Short answer: Yes... sort of, and a new study shows again how the most addictive ingredient in cigarettes could help boost the brain.
  10. Cognitive decline begins in middle age

    Senior moments aren't just for seniors anymore. Anyone can have a brain hiccup no matter how old or young they are -- but the latest research shows that the cognitive slide we usually associate with aging actually begins earlier than anyone would have thought.
  11. Nothing fishy about it: Seafood will boost your brainpower

    "Fish is brain food" is the kind of age-old folk wisdom that's been proven time and again by cutting-edge science -- and the latest research confirms that the best way to keep your brain swimming in gray matter is with a steady diet of fish.
  12. Choline on your mind

    Some nutrients, like vitamin D, always seem to be making headlines -- while others, you just never hear about. Take choline, for example.
  13. Docs: No more TV for tots

    The American Academy of Pediatrics got it all wrong on ADHD with its outrageous new screening guidelines -- but the organization did manage to hit one nail right on the head. And that's with the new advice on television and little kids: Keep it off.
  14. B vitamins beat dementia

    I know plenty of seniors who would pop pretty much any pill -- risks and costs be damned -- if it meant they'd never have to battle Alzheimer's disease.
  15. The 'secret ingredient' in coffee

    I love a good mystery -- and there's one brewing right now in the world of coffee. Now, a new study has found two ingredients in particular that seem to work together to protect you against Alzheimer's disease. One is caffeinate, and the other is...well, that's where the mystery comes in.
  16. Weight loss can boost memory

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    Have you found that you don't remember quite as well as you used to? You're not alone... but if you've packed on the pounds over the years, the cause of your memory loss might not be in your brain. It could actually be in your belly.
  17. Bingo's best prize

    Simple as it sounds, a new study finds that maintaining a busy social life--especially through events like bingo night--can double the odds of good health and independence.
  18. Greek diet beats dementia

    Researchers examined the dietary habits of 3,759 Chicago seniors and assigned them two scores: A "MedDiet" number based on how closely they followed a traditional Greek diet rich in fish, legumes, olive oil and wine, and an HEI-2005 number based on how closely they followed the U.S. government's Dietary Guidelines for Americans updated in 2005.
  19. Some common sense in the hunt for Alzheimer's cure

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    A recent study out of California found that a naturally occurring brain protein could slow or even stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
  20. Diabetes: Even worse than you thought

    The latest data links the disease to an increased risk of Alzheimer's, and shows how diabetes appears to help dementia take hold faster once it sets in.

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