1. Men avoid doctors even when they need one

    The personality trait that could kill you

    "My wife told me to come in."

    I can't tell you how many times I've heard that one -- and it looks like I'm not the only one.

    New research confirms that what I see here at the Stengler Center is happening all over the country: Most guys won't visit the doctor unless there's a limb missing or at least a quart of blood on the floor.

    Even then, these bull-headed men often wait for the wife to practically ORDER them to see a doctor.

    What can I say? Listen to the ladies. Or better yet, don't let it reach that point -- because no less than three new studies find that those "manly" men who refuse to see a doctor even when they need one often suffer from serious health problems as a result.

    The studies also confirm something else I see here in my own clinic: Getting him through the door is only half the battle.

    Once inside, men don't always come clean about what's wrong. Some beat around the bush, downplay their symptoms, or ask about something else entirely. If they mention the REAL problem at all, it's only in passing.

    Put it all together, and this turns into a very real threat to your health -- because when you delay treatment or aren't honest about what's wrong, your problem could get worse.

    And the longer it goes on, the harder it is to treat.

    In some cases, it could be too late.

    Yes, "death by stubbornness" is all too real, and the researchers even believe the refusal to get help and failure to talk about what's really wrong could help explain at least in part why men die nearly five years sooner than women.

    Don't get too smug about this, ladies.

    "Brave" and "self-reliant" are admirable qualities, but the studies find women who value them the most tend to be a little more like men... and not in a good way. If you're one of them, you may not delay seeking care as much, but you still delay -- and that could also have serious consequences for your health.

    So here's the real deal, for men and women alike: Ask and it shall be given to you.

    When something is wrong, seek help. Visit your doctor, and be honest with him while you're in the clinic.

    We're here to help, after all, but we CAN'T help if you don't tell us what's wrong... or don't even come into the office.

    Remember, there's nothing "brave" or "manly" about slowly dying of a condition that could've been treated easily if you'd sought help.

    And there's absolutely nothing "macho" about dying five years too soon.

  2. Sex makes people happy

    A good meal, a little spending money, and a night of passion -- any one of those things would be enough to make most people happy... especially that last one.

    You might overeat and feel horrible afterwards... and it's easy to spend all your money. But you just can't overdo it when it comes to sex -- and all you need is a willing partner and working parts.

    Now, a new survey confirms what most of us already know: People who have more frequent sex are happier, and that's especially true of seniors.

    The survey of 238 married seniors found that 60 percent of those who had sex more than once a month were "very happy with life in general," versus just 40 percent of those who had no sex at all over the past year.

    What's more, 80 percent of those who had sex more than once a month were happy with their marriages -- and I hope everyone reading this falls into that category.

    The only catch here is that some people have a hard time keeping up in the bedroom once they reach their later years -- and that's especially true of men.

    Sometimes, the mind is willing... but the parts just aren't up to the task.

    Don't be fooled by all those TV commercials -- the best way to fix this isn't with a penis pill. In fact, that's actually the worst possible solution: Sex meds like Viagra and Cialis have been linked to vision problems, hearing loss, headaches, breathing problems and more -- including painful erections that require a trip to the ER to correct.

    In many cases, erection problems are linked to obesity -- so if you've put on a few pounds over the years, lose the weight now... and watch your sex life return.

    Other men may simply need a boost in testosterone, the male hormone that drops off naturally after middle age -- leading to dips in vitality, sexual function and more.

    A naturopathic physician can get you back on track with natural hormones. And that, in turn, can improve both your marriage and your overall happiness.

  3. Shattered romance, shattered penis

    Men who cheat aren't just risking a broken relationship -- they could also break something that many would consider far more important. Yes... that.
  4. The hidden risks of fatherhood

    You make a lot of sacrifices when you become a parent -- but this is one I'm sure most men never see coming... It's the loss of their manhood. I'm talking about real research that reveals a sharp dip in testosterone levels from the moment they hear the words, "It's a boy!"

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