1. Mercury in dental fillings enters bloodstream

    Are your fillings KILLING you?

    You couldn't come up with a worse treatment if you tried: Stick a toxic metal into the body and then leave it there for DECADES.

    Think about the lunacy of that for a moment.

    Yet that, in a nutshell, has been the foundation of dentistry for more than a century. "Silver" fillings aren't really silver. They're an amalgam containing mostly mercury -- and while dentists claim it's safe, stable, and stays inside the tooth, new research proves that's a huge lie.

    The mercury slowly breaks down, disintegrates, and gets absorbed into your blood -- and the more fillings you have, the higher your blood levels of this incredibly dangerous metal.

    If you have eight or more fillings -- a pretty common number -- you're 150 percent more likely to have mercury circulating in your blood than someone with none of these toxic teeth.

    The problem with mercury is that there is no safe level of exposure, because it doesn't leave the body very easily.

    A little from your teeth, a little from fish, a little from your water -- it all accumulates, and over time, it can slowly damage your vital organs, leading to chronic health problems that probably would never be traced to the mercury.

    And maybe it's not the mercury alone.

    Kidney, lung and heart problems often have multiple causes -- but mercury is proven to damage all three, so it's certainly not helping.

    It can also weaken the immune system and expose you to infection.

    But the biggest risk of all is in the brain, where exposure to mercury can set the stage for neurodegenerative diseases including dementia and Parkinson's.

    None of this is cutting-edge science. We've known all about most of these risks for ages. Even when you were a kid, anyone pumping your teeth full of mercury should have known better.

    The fact that mercury fillings are still in wide use here in 2016 is downright unacceptable.

    Fortunately, a growing number of dentists -- including mainstream dentists -- now refuse to work with mercury. If your dentist still does, it may be time to find a new one... or at least insist that he not use any amalgam on you.

    If you have mercury fillings and are concerned about their deterioration into your body, there are dentists who specialize in safely removing them and replacing them with resin-based composite.

    A good place to start your search is with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which has a directory of mercury-free dental practices around the nation.

  2. Mercury found in common cosmetics

    Anti-aging creams contain a toxic secret

    Ladies, I know how it is.

    You don't like being reminded of how old you are. No one does -- and sometimes, even a quick glance in the mirror is a painful reminder of your age.

    So of course it's tempting to turn to creams and lotions that promise to give you younger, smoother skin.

    Get rid of wrinkles! Wipe away the age spots! Erase those worry lines!

    You know in most cases those skin products don't deliver on the rosy promises from the ads. But a new warning from the feds shows some of these products are doing more than just ripping you off.

    They could be poisoning you!

    Many of these "skin care" products do the opposite of care for your skin. They're loaded with dangerous chemicals, and the new warning finds that some contain one of the most dangerous metals of all: mercury.

    They're most commonly found in products that claim to lighten skin or have "ANTI-AGING!" in the name or on the label, but check all your skincare products and make sure you don't have any with mercury.

    Amazingly, some of them even LIST mercury in the ingredients -- so if you see that, you can obviously put it back or get rid of it.

    But many others hide the mercury under names like mercurous chloride, calomel, mercuric, and mercurio -- and ALL of those are signs of mercury.

    While you're at it, consider going over ALL your cosmetics to see what's really inside. A good guide to hidden -- and not-so-hidden -- toxins in beauty products is the Skin Deep website, put together by Environmental Working Group.

    You can search by ingredient and even by product name to find out the real risks.

    Along with mercury, you'll find many contain other dangerous metals -- and some of them can pass through the skin and enter your body, where they can travel in your bloodstream to vital organs and even your brain.

    That's every bit as bad as it sounds.

    Once metals get into the brain, they like to stay there... and the damage they cause can lead to neurodegenerative diseases include dementia and Parkinson's.

    That's bad news, because no one should face those conditions. But the good news is that detoxifying therapies such as chelation can often chase metals out of the body... stop them from accumulating in the brain... and slow, stop, or even reverse the damage.

    If you're in Southern California, I can run some tests to check your exposure levels and get started on a customized detox program if it turns out you have these metals in your own body.

    Contact my clinic to make an appointment.

    Not in the area? I can also offer advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

  3. How fish oil can stop oxidative stress

    The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil can give the brain the power it needs to fight the oxidative stress that can lead to dementia.
  4. Mercury in fish

    Massive amounts of mercury are turning up in seafood, with high levels found in 84 percent of all fish during recent tests.
  5. Autism linked to toxins in the water

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  6. New attack on chelation is a threat to your mental health

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  7. The risks of 'dental health'

    For too many dentists, the X-ray machine is more like a cash machine. They don't use it when they absolutely need images to diagnose a problem in your mouth. They use it the moment your insurance company will allow them to make a new set of images.
  8. You're slowly being poisoned

    Want a shock? Go get tested for heavy metals. Your jaw will drop when you see the results.
  9. Behind the new autism numbers

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  10. A clean mouth for a healthy heart

    It's no secret that people with clean teeth and healthy gums have a lower risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems, and two new studies again confirm the link.
  11. Mercury and fluoride in the dental spotlight

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