1. Metformin is NOT your best option!

    Why your diabetes drug WILL fail

    Really? This is the BEST they can come up with???

    Some of the biggest brains in mainstream medicine came together to cook up new guidelines for doctors treating type 2 diabetes.

    Did they mention that careful diet alone can often bring this disease entirely under control and even reverse it?


    Did they mention that natural therapies, such as chromium, can control both blood sugar and insulin?


    Did they mention that most of the "studies" out there used for guidelines are bought and paid for by the drug industry?


    The best these supposedly leading voices in mainstream medicine could come up with was this: metformin.

    Yes, you read that right. Metformin.

    Apparently, mainstream medicine has yet to invent anything better than a mediocre drug developed decades ago.

    The American College of Physicians and American Academy of Family Physicians are telling docs to give diabetic patients metformin first.

    In a way, this is kind of funny.

    It's proof positive that Big Pharma's expensive new drugs are made of side effects and empty promises, because the new statement says don't try any of them first despite all the attention, publicity and marketing they've been getting.

    Only turn to those newer meds if metformin doesn't work, or doesn't work well enough.

    Of course, that's pretty much bound to happen eventually.

    Metformin works... until it doesn't, and as a result many diabetics ultimately end up on two or three drugs (or more).

    And even when the metformin "works," it's not nearly as safe as advertised. While it's certainly a little safer than those expensive new meds, it packs a few side effects of its own, and one's a doozy: It can suck vitamin B12 right out of your body.

    That can lead to nerve damage, memory problems, and more -- and some of those problems could be permanent!

    But the biggest problem with this approach -- and the REAL reason most people with diabetes never seem to get control over the disease -- is that it doesn't address the true cause.

    And that's not what you think it is.

    The out-of-control blood sugar that marks diabetes isn't always caused by your diet. It's caused by TOXINS already in your body!

    Most mainstream diabetes treatments fail because they never address this true root cause of the disease, but I've developed a plan that can help you rapidly detoxify, bringing blood sugar levels under control so rapidly that it works within 30 days.

    I call it Diabetes Detox, and you can learn all about this revolutionary plan -- or place an order for my exclusive new book -- right here.

  2. Metformin and other drugs can cut B12 levels

    Common drugs can suck you dry

    If you're taking some of today's most common medications -- everything from statins for cholesterol to PPIs for heartburn -- it's like you're driving around with a hole in your gas tank.

    And if you don't watch out, you're not going to get very far.

    The highly-respected Harvard Health Letter is now warning that a growing number of patients are facing serious, lasting, and potentially deadly nutritional deficiencies caused by their own medications.

    For example, if you're diabetic or have prediabetes, your doc will probably put you on metformin, the "old standard" when it comes to blood sugar control.

    Unfortunately, it can also block the process in the intestine that lets vitamin B12 pass through and enter your bloodstream. That leads to low B12... setting the stage for nerve damage, memory loss, anemia, and more.

    But your doctor not only won't warn you of this potentially devastating risk. He probably won't even test your B12 levels regularly to ensure you have what you need.

    It's not the only drug that'll cause your B12 to plunge, either.

    The proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) millions of Americans turn to for heartburn relief can cause stomach acid levels to plunge -- which might sound like just what you need if you're suffering from the misery of reflux.

    In reality, too much stomach acid isn't even the cause of the problem. You actually NEED the stuff to pull the B12 out of your food.

    When those acid levels drop, the B12 passes right though you -- in one end and out the other -- and you end up suffering a deficiency, as the Harvard team points out in its warning.

    Yet once again, the millions of Americans who take these drugs often aren't tested for B12.

    And that's just a single nutrient!

    If you're taking a corticosteroid such as prednisone for asthma or arthritis, you could fall short in calcium, potentially leading to weak or brittle bone.

    Not surprising, other studies have found corticosteroids increase the risk of osteoporosis and bone breaks.

    The same PPIs that can block B12 can also block calcium, as can the diuretics taken by millions of seniors.

    If you've ever taken a statin drug for cholesterol, you've probably felt some level of muscle pain. In some cases, that pain can be severe and debilitating.

    It's not just a side effect.

    It's a warning that the statin is doing its job -- it's cutting your levels of LDL cholesterol, which carry coenzyme Q10 around the body. When LDL levels plunge, CoQ10 levels usually drop right along with it... and muscle pain isn't even the biggest risk.

    Low CoQ10 can lead to serious -- even DEADLY -- heart problems.

    Call it one more reason to take prescription drugs only when they're absolutely necessary -- and to treat every side effect seriously, since it could be a warning sign of a dangerous nutritional deficiency.

    Work closely with a skilled holistic medical doctor who knows the difference between when you actually need meds and when you've got better options.

  3. Metformin linked to B12 deficiency

    Metformin can starve the body of essential vitamin B12, setting the stage for problems with mood, memory, muscle, nerves and more.
  4. Metformin side effects don’t protect heart

    The diabetes drug metformin is often given to people with heart disease, but new research shows it does practically nothing for these patients.
  5. Easy ways to avoid diabetes now

    You can stop pre-diabetes from turning into real diabetes with these simple, safe and all-natural approaches.
  6. Dangerous meds for little girls

    An outrageous new study is pushing powerful diabetes meds on girls as young as 8 years old who don't even have the disease in a bizarre effort to preserve their fertility decades later.
  7. Antidepressants boost diabetes risk

    A new study finds patients at risk for diabetes who take antidepressant drugs are more likely to to turn their diabetes risk into actual diabetes.
  8. Diabetes drug wipes out key nutrient

    A new study shows one more problem with the Big Pharma solution to this increasingly common condition: a serious shortage of vitamin B12.

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