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  1. Migraine relief

    I recently came across a new remedy for migraine relief. It involves putting tiny amounts of feverfew and ginger into a little pouch, and then putting it under your tongue.

    But why go through the trouble? Skip the pouch, and just start taking feverfew as part of your daily supplement regimen.

    Feverfew has been shown to help beat migraines before they even start. The trick is to treat it as a preventive and not as a treatment. Instead of taking it only when the pain hits, take it every day as a regular part of your supplement regimen.

    Over time, feverfew can lessen both the number of headaches and their severity.

    Although there hasn't been as much research on ginger and headaches, one study originally designed to test the spice on arthritis pain found that patients got some migraine relief in the deal as well.

    The researchers behind that one say ginger acted like that theoretical aspirin -- blocking the inflammation that leads to pain.

    It's easy enough to test that one yourself: Ginger is available as a supplement, a fresh root, and even in tea.

    But when it comes to migraines, ginger and feverfew aren't your only options. They may not even be your best options.

    Two recent studies have found that two unconventional treatments could make a significant difference: magnetic therapy, and a literal pair of rose-colored glasses.

    Feverfew, ginger, glasses, magnets – believe it or not, these are only the beginning of your natural options. I've got everything else you need to know about migraine relief right here.

  2. Migraines vs. magnets

    Nothing can ruin a day like a migraine... and the meds many people take to fight the pain can only make things worse.

    But a new study shows that a simple magnetic treatment could cut the pain right off--and offer genuine lasting relief with no real side effects.

    Too good to be true? The results speak for themselves.

    The treatment is called transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. An electronic wand is waved around the head and the pain just dissipates. Nothing penetrates the body, and there are no pills to swallow.

    It sounds like pure science fiction--but it works... especially for migraines with aura, a condition in which patients see spots of light or have other visual problems, especially at the beginning of an attack.

    Researchers recruited 201 patients who were experiencing migraine with aura, and gave 99 of them a sham stimulation and 102 of them sTMS devices (the "s" stands for "single," because the device uses individual magnetic pulses). The patients treated up to three attacks over three months and recorded their symptoms and pain levels before and after treatment.

    Two hours after an attack, 39 percent of sTMS users were pain-free, versus 22 percent of the patients getting the sham, according to the study published in The Lancet Neurology. Those getting the real treatment were also much less likely to need meds.

    The researchers also found that for best results, the device needs to be used as soon as the symptoms hit-- suggesting that even more people may have gotten relief if they had used the device earlier.

    Other studies have also found a real benefit from this treatment for migraine patients. And the best news of all is that the device is very easy use to use and comes with virtually no side effects.

    There are two kinds of TMS devices, repetitive TMS (or rTMS) and single-pulse (or sTMS). While sTMS has shown great promise for migraine sufferers, rTMS has been used to help people overcome depression without meds.

    Like I said, this is almost science fiction. But if it works without pills or side effects, then there's no reason not to try it out--especially for those hard-to-beat headaches.

    As the study shows, it won't work for everyone... so it's important to know there are other safe and natural options out there for headaches. For example, magnesium and the B vitamins have helped plenty of patients overcome their migraines--with and without aura.

    I recently went into detail on these and other migraine treatments, and you can read all about them here.

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