The mainstream is finally ready to admit you can beat diabetes without meds -- too bad they're still on the wrong

Two new studies point to supposed cures for this disease that involve extreme and dramatic changes: in one case, an
ultra-low calorie diet that borders on starvation... and in the other, a risky surgical procedure.

In the first, researchers put 11 diabetics onto a diet of just 600 daily calories -- all in the form of diet drinks and non-starchy vegetables.

After a week, morning blood-sugar levels had normalized -- but the torture didn't stop there. This went on for three
whole months (making me wonder just who they recruited for this study).

In any case, the researchers claim seven of the diabetics were cured, according to the study in Diabetologia.

And if three months of near-starvation isn't extreme enough for you, another group of researchers is standing by with a study pushing stomach-shrinking surgery.

Their analysis of nine studies finds that 83 percent of gastric bypass patients were able to quit diabetes meds after surgery, along with 62 percent of those who underwent gastric banding.

But here's the dirty secret about weight-loss surgery: In addition to a high risk of complications ranging from severe bleeding problems to kidney failure, the procedures aren't very effective in the long run.

Many people who undergo these surgeries ultimately regain some or even all of the weight -- even with a surgically
shrunken stomach.

The only reason it looks so good in the new review is that some of the studies in it followed patients for as little as a year -- which is no time at all when it comes to diabetes.

Look at the long-term numbers, and it all falls apart: In one study included in the Archives of Surgery analysis, two-thirds of diabetics "cured" through surgery eventually lost control of their blood sugar in the decade following
the procedure.

Luckily, you don't need to starve yourself or suffer through a dangerous surgery to beat this disease -- just a commitment to a sugar-free, low-carb lifestyle.

Many diabetics who make a real and permanent switch dramatically reduce their need for drugs -- and some no longer need any meds at all or even insulin.

Don't wait for a diabetes diagnosis for this cure – make the change today, and you'll avoid the disease in the first place.

I'm not done with diabetes yet -- keep reading for disease risk where you might not expect it.