1. Multivitamins cut heart risk in men

    The vitamins that are proven to cut your heart risk

    For much of your life, a multivitamin – whether it was a Flintstones chewable when you were a kid or something a little more substantial today (I hope) – has probably been as much a part of your daily routine as a bedtime prayer.

    Like that prayer, you might not always notice the protection you’re getting from it – but it’s there.

    So today, let’s take a moment to see what’s going on under the hood, because the latest research shows how a humble multivitamin can protect men from today’s leading killer.

    Heart disease is responsible for more deaths than anything else in the nation – and even when you survive a cardiovascular problem, you could suffer for the rest of your life.

    Stroke, for example, is one of today’s leading causes of disability in seniors.

    But men, you can avoid all that just by taking your multivitamin every day!

    Take it for 20 years or more, and your risk of all major cardiovascular problems plunges by a stunning 44 percent.

    And that’s not all the new study finds.

    If you already have heart disease, taking a multivitamin for 12 years or more will cut your risk of death from a heart attack.

    Sound good? You bet it does – because there’s not a drug in the world that can promise that.

    Not statins… not aspirin… not blood pressure meds.

    But your multivitamin can, and as good as that is, I’d like to make it even better – because two key nutrients that AREN’T in your multi can cut your heart risk even further.

    First up is coenzyme Q10, aka CoQ10.

    This stuff is proven to protect the heart on its own, and it can do even better when you take a multi with selenium along with it. A 2012 study, for example, found that taking both CoQ10 and selenium will cut your risk of death from heart disease by more than half.

    Odds are, your multi also contains very little magnesium because it takes up too much room.

    Even supplements that contain only magnesium can look more like horse pills!

    Don’t let the size scare you. A 2013 study from Harvard University found that every 0.2 mmol/L bump in your magnesium levels will slash your risk of heart disease by 30 percent and your risk of ischemic heart disease by 22 percent.

    There are a number of different forms of magnesium out there. I recommend magnesium glycinate, which is gentler on the stomach and more easily used by your body.

  2. Essential vitamins can prevent death from breast cancer

    One of these every day can beat breast cancer

    Breast cancer awareness month just ended, and I've seen plenty of pink ribbons and I've heard all the usual propaganda about mammograms -- but I haven't heard a single word about what just might be the most powerful weapon against this disease yet.

    It's simple, safe and inexpensive. And if you've been taking my advice, it's something that's already part of your life.

    It's your multivitamin -- specifically a multi with minerals, as new research finds these daily essential vitamins can slash your risk of death from breast cancer by nearly a third.

    There's not much else out there with a benefit that big, ladies -- but like all good things, essential vitamins comes with a catch: You have to start now, because the study finds the life-saving benefits go to women already taking a multi when they're diagnosed.

    That suggests to me that the nutrients and minerals in the essential vitamins help your body fight the tumor early on, making sure it stays treatable and survivable instead of turning aggressive and deadly.

    Now, any time a study finds big benefits for multivitamins, mainstream experts line up to dismiss it. They never attack the studies, because the studies are sound.

    No, instead they attack the essential vitamins -- claiming most people don't need them because you can get all your nutrients from diet alone.

    And that just ignores reality.

    It's difficult, and maybe even close to impossible, to get absolutely everything you need, every day, from diet alone. Even a healthy diet loaded with nutrient-rich foods can fall short in some key areas.

    A multi is there to fill in the blanks and make sure you're covered, day in and day out -- and along with helping to fight breast cancer, studies have found plenty of other benefits.

    Ladies, a multivitamin can help lift your mood and reduce your risk of stress, anxiety, fatigue and more, according to a study I told you about earlier this year.

    Men, don't feel left out -- because multivitamins can slash your risk of all non-prostate cancers by 12 percent, according to another recent study. And in children, multivitamins can help during the most critical stages of development.

    But whatever you do, don't go for the low-price vitamins in the supermarket discount bin. Choose a quality multi from a maker you trust.

    Yes, they cost a little more -- but it's the best way to make sure you get the right amounts of the nutrients you need most in the forms your body can use best.

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