Stand up to keep weight down

I'm lucky I have a job that keeps me on my feet a good part of my day as I move from room to room and patient to patient. It's not the same level of physical activity as laying bricks or mowing lawns, but the truth is you don't need a backbreaking job to keep yourself fit. You can even lose weight without exercise.

You just need to get up and get moving.

Just doing what I do -- moving around throughout the day, even if you don't go very far -- is enough to help undo at least some of the damaging effects of the sedentary office lifestyle.

And one surprising new study finds you can help improve circulation and lose weight without exercise.

All you have to do is stand up.

Three hours of standing a day is enough to burn 144 calories -- or roughly the equivalent of 8 pounds a year.

More importantly, however, is what it prevents -- and that's the metabolic slowdown that comes from sitting, which is why the sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a high risk of disease and even an early death in study after study.

Not even a rigorous workout at the end of each day can undo the damage of all that sitting -- so get up on your feet and get moving, especially if you have a desk job or want to lose weight without exercise.

If you're on the phone a lot, try standing while you talk. And if you're hammering away at a computer, raise your desk and try to work from a standing position. There are ergonomic desks that can even be adjusted for work standing up or sitting down.

But don't stop there.

I may be on my feet all day, but I still find time to work up on a sweat at the gym, on a bike, or on skates at the ice rink -- and if you really want to stay healthy, you should make sure exercise is a regular part of your life, even when you can lose weight without exercise.