Weight loss cures apnea

It's one of the most frightening conditions you can imagine -- a disease that could starve your brain and heart of oxygen, setting the stage for dementia, heart attack and even death.

But that's not what makes it so terrifying.

No, the real fear factor is in the fact that you could have this condition right now and not even know it -- because there are no obvious warning signs of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disease where you stop breathing in the night, sometimes hundreds of times, for 10, 20, 30 seconds at a time or more.

But since you never wake up, you may never know you have it.

OK, I'm done scaring you now -- because now I'm going to tell you how to beat signs of sleep apnea in a matter of weeks.

All you have to do is lose a little weight.

Sleep apnea is almost always caused by obesity, and losing even just some of that extra weight can almost always ease the condition or even cure it completely, according to a new review of nearly 50 years of research on apnea.

Weight loss isn't the only approach, and many doctors are quick to offer other options, including drugs and even surgery -- but the study finds no evidence they work.

The only thing that might help is CPAP, or an oxygen mask you wear at night -- but they're so uncomfortable many people find it impossible to get to sleep.

In addition, the mask does nothing to correct the underlying cause of the apnea, and that's the obesity.

Since obesity itself is a major risk factor for disease and an early death, I strongly recommend you forget the mask and drop the extra pounds before you start feeling signs of sleep apnea.

I know this might sound like a big challenge, weight loss can be tough.

But I also know you can do it -- I know you can, because I've seen people do it time and again. I've helped them through it, and I'm here to help you too -- so if you feel you can't go it alone, make an appointment to see me here at my clinic outside San Diego and we can tackle this challenge together.

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