The gout test you don't need

Testing for gout usually makes about as much sense as testing for a loud neighbor.

You don't need a test or a CT scan. It's painfully obvious.

In most cases, gout is obvious the moment the patient limps through the door. As you probably know (maybe from experience), the main symptom is sudden and severe stabbing joint pain, almost always in the big toe.

But you know how mainstream medicine is when it comes to tests. If they can test for something, they will -- especially if it's a test they can make a few bucks off of.

So, it's not at all surprising to me that there's now a new test for gout, and it's just about the worst test imaginable.

That's because it uses a CT scan, which can pack as much radiation as hundreds of X-rays -- so much radiation, that CT scans are now believed responsible for 2 percent of all new cancer cases.

That's about 29,000 cancer cases per year, caused by CT scans -- so if there's anything we don't need, it's an excuse to use them even more.

Besides, even if you have a rare case of gout that's not obvious, there's a simple test available that measures uric acid in the blood, as these levels are often elevated in gout patients.

Another option for rare tough-to-diagnose cases is the needle aspiration test. It's a little painful -- they have to pull a sample out of the affected area -- but it's far less painful than fighting off cancer from too much radiation exposure later on.

And in one new study, needle aspiration was shown to be more accurate than the CT-based test.

Of course, once you're diagnosed with gout, you need to get treated -- and if there's anything the mainstream loves more than unnecessary tests it's unnecessary drugs.

And gout is a two-fer here, because along with a CT scan you don't need, doctors are likely to give you a drug you don't need -- including a drug that packs a potential death risk.

There are much better answers here, because gout can almost always be defeated with a combination of lifestyle changes and natural remedies.

The remedies, including cherry extract supplements (not sugar-sweetened cherry drinks), can chase away the pain and prevent it from returning. And lifestyle changes, especially avoiding foods rich in purines, will help ensure gout never bothers you again.

For more information on safe and natural ways to beat gout, read this free report in my House Calls archives.