Silent wave of kidney disease strikes millions

It's the biggest epidemic you haven't heard of yet -- a devastating, life-changing and potentially deadly condition that up to 1 in 10 Americans are now battling along with other kidney damage symptoms.

Many of them are in the earliest stages of it and may not even realize they have it yet. But they'll find out soon enough -- and when they do, life will never be the same again.

It's kidney disease, and new numbers show the rate of this condition has shot up by 165 percent worldwide in a single generation, with the biggest jump among people over the age of 60.

Those numbers are going to continue to grow. But if you take action now, you can make sure you're not among them -- because today, I'm going to let you in on the secret to protecting your kidneys, avoiding disease and additional kidney damage symptoms.

And you can start with three simple steps:

1) Take a couple inches off your waistline

2) Pass on lunchmeats

3) Stop drinking sodas

One of the keys to this disease is phosphorus, a mineral essential to your kidneys -- and many other functions -- in small amounts, but potentially damaging in high amounts.

And odds are you're getting too much -- because lunchmeats and other processed foods are loaded with the stuff.

Skip those and other high-phosphorus foods and shrink your waistline by about 2 inches, and your levels of the protein that mark common kidney damage symptoms will fall by a quarter, according to one of three new studies on kidney disease.

Along with lunchmeats and other processed foods, you'll also find phosphorus in dairy and meat -- so be sure to eat both in moderation (or pass on the dairy completely; you'll be healthier for it).

You'll also find an overload of phosphorus in soft drinks, which is why a second new study finds that two sodas a day will raise the levels of kidney-damaging proteins in the urine -- proteins that often mark the earliest warning signs of kidney disease.

But when it comes to soda, it's not just the phosphorus that's so bad for your kidneys. Sodas are also loaded with something even worse: sugar, and a third new study shows how your kidneys can choke on even moderate amounts of the sweet stuff.

The study, on rats, finds that fructose interferes with a protein the kidneys need to balance out salt. As a result, your kidneys start to reabsorb sodium -- and that could ultimately lead to kidney damage symptoms, kidney disease and even kidney failure.

The good news here is that your kidneys have a remarkable ability to repair themselves, even fixing the damage from years of soda, lunchmeats and other unhealthy foods.

But they can't get to work if they're under constant assault -- so make these changes today to protect your organs and help ensure that you're not among the millions of new kidney disease patients.

And if you're already suffering from kidney damage, it's still not too late. Natural therapies can help protect the kidneys and restore function -- and a holistic medical doctor can find the remedies that are right for you.

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