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  1. A choice you don't have to make

    Millions of seniors facing heart problems are forced to choose between bad and worse -- they're told to pick between aspirin and warfarin.

    Aspirin is the "bad" half of this equation, as people who take it run a risk of serious and potentially deadly bleeding problems -- especially in the stomach.

    With an even higher risk of serious bleeding, warfarin -- the "drug" that does double-duty as rat poison -- is even worse.

    Much worse.

    Doesn't sound like much of a choice to me -- and that's if the doctor even bothers to ask for your input. Too many just tell their patients what to take (and if that sounds like yours, find someone who at least pretends to be interested in your opinion).

    Now, you can expect docs to push for "bad" over "worse" as a new study of heart patients finds that aspirin and warfarin users have similar outcomes and death rates.

    All told, the study of 2,300 heart failure patients with an average age of 61 found that 7.5 percent of those who had been taking warfarin died during the six-year study, versus 8 percent of those on aspirin -- a difference researchers say is statistically insignificant.

    Warfarin users did have half the stroke risk of those who took the aspirin -- but the overall risk of having one was low no matter what the patients were given, and those on the rat poison had double the risk of major bleeding problems.

    Overall, that means it's a wash -- and since aspirin is cheaper and "safer," the researchers said at a recent American Stroke Association meeting that it should be the go-to drug for heart patients instead of warfarin.

    But just because aspirin is "safer" doesn't mean it's safe: Along with a risk of bleeding problems, aspirin has been linked to tinnitus, hearing loss, macular degeneration, erection problems, allergic reactions and more.

    Why risk all that when you don't have to?

    Forget choosing between bad and worse -- choose "none of the above" instead and try one of the natural options for thinning the blood, protecting the heart and slashing your stroke risk... like the fish oil you should be taking anyway.

    Plain old fish oil is actually one of nature's most powerful blood thinners -- and by working with a doc who knows his natural supplements, you can get off meds like aspirin and warfarin and boost your heart health at the same time.

    For more on why everyone should take fish oil, keep reading.

  2. Big media battles good health

    It seems like Big Media has an axe to grind with alternative medicine.

    You might recall just last week I found a major study carried out by a supposedly respected news organization that attacked the entire industry.

    Now, we have a new wave of stories taking that same approach.

    Big Media has never been especially supportive of alternative medicine. But these latest attacks are coming fast and furious, with little interest in painting a complete and accurate picture of how many people have received real help from safe and proven techniques.

    In recent weeks, I've seen reports attacking everything from natural supplements and herbal remedies to acupuncture.

    Many of these were written by the Associated Press, and sent to news organizations around the world.

    In Big Media's eye, there's little to no difference between legitimate alternative medicine and quackery: A medical doctor such as myself who uses methods that have been carefully proven through years of research and practice gets lumped in with someone who has no degree, just an unproven technique they're hoping to market.

    That's not just unfair to folks like me, it's dishonest for readers like you.

    Sure, the industry has its share of frauds. But these are not people who use real natural and alternative health techniques – just people who use those words as a marketing tool to sell their products.

    You need to be aware of these clowns, and avoid them – but you can't judge the rest of the industry based on them.

    The simple fact is, alternative medicine has helped millions of Americans get very real results. Many of us in this field are real medical doctors with advanced degrees. The research in this field has been cutting-edge, and our work is backed up not just by the data, but the results we see in our clinics every day.

    Instead, these latest reports might give you the impression that these alternative methods are comprised of leeches and magic spells.

    Don't let these reports scare you away from alternative medicine. But like anything else, you do need to use a little caution, especially when you're exploring something new and unfamiliar.

    If you're reading House Calls, then you're already well on your way. Health Revelations will give you an even better look at the latest ways to heal yourself naturally and without prescription drugs. Click here to subscribe now and get complete access to the archives.

    And of course, when you buy your vitamins and supplements you need to make sure you're getting what you pay for. That means buying from a reputable company with high standards and aggressive quality control, and not one of these shady fly-by-night offshore operations.

    Don't let Big Media scare you away – real alternative medicine works. Just make sure to do your homework – and then get yourself healthy the right way.

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