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  1. Weekend eating to lose weight

    The best time to cheat on your diet

    It's one of the biggest diet saboteurs, able to crush your resolve and sap you of your willpower to eat right and lose weight, essentially eating to lose weight.

    It's not a specific food or a craving. It's not even a well-meaning (but oh-so-skinny) friend, neighbor or family member always tempting you with sweet treats.

    It's the weekends.

    Even the strictest weekday dieter tends to get a little weak in the knees during the weekends. And if you're one of them, don't stress about it too much -- because new research confirms you're hardly alone.

    Overall, nearly everyone -- both dieters and non-dieters alike -- tends to gain a little weight over the weekend and then slowly lose it during the week when they focus on eating to lose weight.

    What separates a successful dieter from an unsuccessful one, then, isn't the ability to be strict seven days a week.

    It's the ability get back on track after a weekend "cheat."

    Many people get so frustrated after that moment of weakness that they just give up -- and a single meal of poor eating snowballs into an entire week of junk food.

    Next thing you know, there's another failed diet in your rear-view mirror.

    Don't let this happen to you. If you've given in to temptation during the weekend -- maybe hit the buffet a little too hard, overindulged at a BBQ or polished off an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting -- know that you're only human and these things happen.

    Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, get motivated -- because as the new study of healthy eating to lose weight shows, the occasional weekend cheat won't keep you from long-term diet success.

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  2. Feel the benefits of probiotics

    The simple trick to weight loss

    If you've ever struggled to lose weight -- if you've ever practically starved yourself on a diet and lost only ounces instead of pounds -- then I've got a simple trick you need to try proving the benefits of probiotics that could turbocharge your weight loss.

    It's a stomach reset, and it's not as complicated as it sounds.

    Most people are struggling with low levels of good bacteria in the stomach and high levels of the bad ones. That can lead to poor digestion, immune system problems and more.

    It can also make it easy to gain weight and extra tough to lose it.

    But if you add a quality probiotic supplement to your regimen, you can "reset" your bacteria, restore balance and start losing weight with ease as some of the benefits of probiotics.

    In one recent study, dieting women given the probiotic supplement Lactobacillus rhamnosus lost weight at double the rate of dieting women given placebo capsules. Even better, women given L. rhamnosus continued to lose weight after the diet was over, during the maintenance phase.

    For women on the placebo, weight loss stopped the moment the diet ended.

    The one downside to the study is that it didn't find a benefit for men. But gents, that finding doesn't mean the benefits of probiotics can't or won't work for you.

    While L. rhamnosus is a terrific strain and one I recommend to my own patients, it's only a starting point.

    To really restore order to your gut and give yourself a reset, you need more -- you need multiple strains of human-tested bacteria. And once you've picked the right strains, you need the right amounts. That means a minimum of a billion colony-forming units, or CFUs.

    Be very cautious here; "probiotic" has become a marketing buzzword and much of what I've seen out there is worthless.

    Once you have what your belly needs, you'll get more than faster weight loss. You'll enjoy a stronger immune system, fewer illnesses, a better mood and more.

    The benefits of probiotics can even help prevent colds, and cut both the duration and the severity if you do get sick.

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  3. Shivering helps produce brown fat

    Crank up the AC: Shivering can boost production of brown fat -- and brown fat can burn energy and help you to lose weight.
  4. Gastric band patients often suffer from poor nutrition

    Stomach-shrinking surgeries can increase the risk of serious nutritional deficiencies.
  5. Belly fat leads to heart disease and cancer

    Just a little extra fat in the belly can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.
  6. Balanced gut bacteria may be secret to weight loss

    The weight loss that follows stomach surgery may not be caused by the smaller stomach, but by the change in gut bacteria that takes place afterwards.
  7. Losing weight with a low-calorie diet

    Seniors have a special challenge when dieting: Losing weight without losing muscle. New research shows whey proteins and amino acids can help.
  8. Obese people more likely to be hospitalized

    Gaining weight will also help you gain entry in the ER, as the overweight and obese have a much higher risk of hospitalization that people of normal weight.
  9. New diet drug lorcaserin is not effective for weight loss

    New drug lorcaserin, approved by an FDA panel for weight loss, fails to meet even minimal FDA standards for effectiveness and is linked to cancer and heart problems.

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