1. Nuts can fight heart disease and stroke

    The perfect snack is also nature's perfect cure

    There's a lot of nutty diet advice out there, especially this time of year when fad New Year's weight-loss plans start making the rounds.

    But there's one piece of advice that you'd be absolutely NUTS not to follow -- and that's to eat more nuts.

    They're not just a filling and healthy snack packed with essential nutrients.

    Several new studies show how nuts offer powerful protection from some of today's leading killer disease, including both CANCER and HEART DISEASE.

    Imagine that!

    Big Pharma has been working for years to create a magic pill that can prevent these diseases, and they've come up empty every time. But it turns out that "magic pill" has been right in front of us all along.

    So, crack open some nuts while I share with you the latest research, including a study that shows WHY nuts are so effective.

    It's because they can fight the one underlying condition shared by so many deadly diseases: inflammation.

    Eating a handful of nuts five times a week can cut your inflammation levels over the long run, slashing C-reactive protein by 20 percent and interleukin-6 by 16 percent.

    These are two key markers of chronic disease risk -- and when you cut those levels, those risks plunge right along with it.

    This isn't just a theoretical benefit. A second new study shows the real-world results as folks who snack on nuts have a lower risk of all the conditions seniors fear most.

    Heart disease, for example, is the number one killer in America -- but if you eat nuts, your risk of coronary heart disease will plunge by 29 percent, and the risk of cardiovascular disease will drop by 21 percent

    Cancer is our number two killer, right behind heart disease. Eat nuts, however, and the risk plunges by 15 percent.

    Diabetes is our number 6 cause of death, but probably much higher when you consider that many heart disease patients are also diabetics.

    But if you eat nuts, the risk of diabetes drops by 39 percent.

    Nuts will even slash your risk of respiratory diseases by 52 percent and infectious diseases by 75 percent.

    When you cut the risk of all these causes of death, you cut the risk of dying too soon -- and, as a result, the study in BMC Medicine finds a steady nut habit cuts the risk of death from all causes by 22 percent.

    The key with nuts is to eat real nuts. The sugars and other additives in processed and flavored nuts can cause inflammation, not cut it -- and that'll increase your risk of disease.

    And since nuts are dense in calories, limit yourself to a handful a day as a filling snack to enjoy between meals, or sprinkled on top of a salad.

  2. The life-saving health benefits of nuts

    A nutty idea for good health

    Want to live longer? Go nuts!

    You won't find many snacks that have as many of health benefits. You can add them to salads, use them to spruce up your meals or just eat them right out of the sack.

    There's no wrong way to enjoy nuts, and if you snack on them regularly you can slash your risk of major disease and even death by up to 20 percent, according to the latest research on the health benefits of nuts.

    Just one ounce a week -- a handful of nuts and no more -- will cause your risk of death to drop by 7 percent.

    That's a small number... but remember, we're only talking about a handful of nuts once a week.

    Eat them more often, and your risk will fall even further. And if you're so nuts for nuts that you eat an ounce a day, your risk of a premature death could plunge by 20 percent, according to the Harvard University study.

    Believe it or not, that's not the end of the health benefits of nuts. In fact, we've only just cracked the shell on this new study -- because while nuts are packed with calories, the study finds that eating them can actually help you lose weight and stay thin.

    It's almost certainly because nuts are filling and satisfying -- and if you eat more nuts, you won't be tempted to snack on junk all day.

    Nuts are also loaded with fats, but they're good fats -- heart-friendly unsaturated fats. Eat them daily, and you'll see your risk of death from heart disease drop by 29 percent.

    Nuts can even protect against cancer, reducing your risk of death from the disease by 11 percent, according to the study of more than 119,000 men and women tracked for up to 30 years.

    So go ahead and enjoy some almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts and more. With so many benefits, you'd have to be nuts yourself not to eat them more often.

  3. How carbs lead to mild cognitive impairment

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  5. Unleash your inner caveman

    You don't need to hunt wooly mammoths to be a "caveman" these days. In fact, you don't even need a cave. The "caveman" diet is more about what you eat than where you live -- and if you can stick to a 100-percent natural lifestyle of fresh meats and vegetables with no processed foods, congratulations. You're officially a caveman.
  6. Diabetics can go nuts

    Well whaddaya know -- it turns out small changes in your diet can lead to small changes in your health. Researchers asked diabetics to replace a little of their daily carbs with either more carbs or nuts... and found that those who went nuts had slight improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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