1. Osteoporosis now striking more MEN

    Attention guys: Don’t let this “secret disease” WRECK your bones

    It’s not supposed to be a “guy” problem.

    Weak and brittle bones… especially osteoporosis… are supposed to be a “women’s disease” – or at least that’s what you’ve heard.

    But MILLIONS of older men are silently suffering from weaker bones, and many are even facing the risk of osteoporosis.

    And guess what?

    While the disease IS more common in women… it’s often far WORSE in men when it does strike.

    Men with weaker bones have a higher risk of falling than women, and a higher risk of injury – including severe and devastating bone breaks.

    Now, the latest research reveals WHY.

    More importantly, it shows HOW to turn that risk around, reverse bone loss, protect yourself from falls, stop fractures, and keep STRONG even as you get older.

    The secret is in your hormones… specifically, testosterone.

    Just as low estrogen can lead to weaker bone and a higher risk of osteoporosis in women, low testosterone can have the same effect in men.

    But because testosterone is also essential to muscle, guys get hit with a double whammy...

    They have weaker bone, making it more likely to break. And weaker muscle, making them more likely to stumble and fall, further increasing the risks of those breaks.

    Of course, the mainstream has been pushing its bone drugs on women, and Big Pharma is anxious to bring men into the picture to expand that market.

    The problem is, those drugs don’t solve the problem.

    In fact, they can do the opposite! In some cases, these drugs make bone weaker and more brittle – which is why long-term use can INCREASE the risk of breaks and fractures.

    Natural hormone therapy gets right to the heart of the matter, attacking the cause more directly.

    It can ENHANCE muscle, so you’re stronger and less likely to fall in the first place.

    And it can help STRENGTHEN your bone, so you’re less likely to suffer one of those painful and potentially crippling breaks.

    Boosting your hormone intake can also do something even more important for older guys...

    In one study, it cut the risk of serious heart problems by a THIRD.

    It can also lift your mood, restore energy and get things cooking in the bedroom again.

    In some cases, you may not even need actual hormone treatments. Natural therapies, including herbal medicine, can stimulate your body into producing the hormone BY ITSELF.

    A little weight loss won’t hurt, either.

    If that doesn’t work, then you may need natural hormone therapy in the care of a skilled holistic medical doctor.

    If you’re in the San Diego area, I run one of the nation’s most complete hormone testing and treatment programs here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in Southern California? I’m also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  2. Osteoporosis linked to pollution levels

    How bad air leads to broken bones

    You know the risks, and you're taking action.

    If you're a little older and facing bone loss... if you're at risk for osteoporosis and all the misery that comes with it... I know you're doing what you can to protect yourself.

    But even the best bone-boosting supplement might not be enough!

    New research reveals one more risk factor for weaker bone. It's one that could lead directly to a painful fracture and increased risk of osteoporosis.

    This "hidden threat" isn't in your food, and it's not a bad habit.

    It's something that's completely unavoidable -- because it could be in the very air you breathe!

    The new study links common pollutants to higher risk of bone problems. The more of this junk in your air... the more likely you'll suffer a break or fracture... or develop osteoporosis.

    One of two new studies looked at folks admitted to the hospital for bone breaks and fractures, then checked out the pollution levels based on their home zip codes.

    And this one should be a wake-up call for anyone who lives in an urban or industrialized area.

    Higher levels of particulate matter in the air can increase your risk of hospitalization for a break or fracture by about 5 percent.

    The second study digs into the details to show what happens inside your body after years of inhaling pollutants and why it's so bad for your bone.

    I have to warn you -- it's not a pretty picture.

    All of that pollution in the air -- including both particulate matter and black carbon, a pollutant from vehicles -- can cause your levels of parathyroid hormone to plunge.

    That's the hormone that controls the balance of calcium between blood and bone. As you can imagine, it's essential to a strong frame.

    When your levels of this hormone plunge, your once-strong bones turn weaker than twigs.

    As a result, the same study finds that folks exposed to pollutants -- especially that black carbon -- have a faster loss of bone mineral density in multiple places throughout the body.

    And that will increase your risk of osteoporosis.

    You can't stop breathing, of course.

    But you can cut your exposure and minimize your risk with two simple action steps.

    First, get a quality air purifier with a HEPA filter for your home. Don't forget to wash and replace the filter regularly.

    And second, keep clean!

    House dust can contain pollutants, so vacuum and dust often (just be sure to wear a mask to stop yourself from inhaling this junk).

    That's not the only risk literally floating in the air.

    Even if you live in an area that's virtually pollution-free, there's STILL something out there that can hurt you and I'll have the scoop later today.

    Keep an eye on your email!

  3. Osteoporosis drugs rejected by women

    What Big Pharma doesn't want you to know about bone health Ladies, the drug industry is absolutely steamed at you right now. And all I can say is... keep up the good work! Big Pharma bigshots are positively livid over a stunning new report that finds American women have overwhelmingly rejected the bone drugs the industry has pumped so much...
  4. Osteoporosis risk cut with yogurt

    Add this to your breakfast for stronger bones It's the stunning new study that reveals the REAL key to bone health... and it's NOT in the ugly drugs your doc is pushing. In fact, it's not at the pharmacy at all. It's in the dairy section of your local supermarket! No, it's not the milk. Milk might be loaded with...
  5. Estrogen replacement cuts osteoporosis risk

    Avoid bone loss with hormone therapy Looks like someone in the mainstream finally figured out that two plus two equals four! It's pretty clear why older women have a higher risk of bone loss, especially osteoporosis. Even the medical texts will tell you it's caused in large part by the drops in estrogen after menopause. Obviously, one key to avoiding...
  6. Osteoporosis drugs could weaken bone

    Scary new warning for folks on bone meds You've heard the horror stories. You might even know someone who's suffered a painful bone break while taking a drug to supposedly protect those bones. But ask your doc about that risk, and he won't give you the truth. He'll give you the runaround! The mainstream acts as if the risk is...
  7. Cut osteoporosis fracture risk with olive oil

    Extra virgin olive oil packs extra bone protection It seems like an easy way to save a few bucks. Most folks can't taste the difference between plain old olive oil and the pricey extra virgin stuff. So just skip the fancy and get the ordinary, right? Well, my friend, you may not be able to TASTE the difference. But your...
  8. Osteoporosis drugs given unnecessarily

    Osteoporosis drugs are taken by millions of women, but stunning new research finds most of them don’t actually need those meds.
  9. Apnea linked to osteoporosis

    Sleep apnea can cause bone loss and increase the risk of osteoporosis, especially in seniors and women, a new study finds. Find out the surprising solution.
  10. Vitamin D benefits bones

    Vitamin D can protect your bones -- but only if you get the right amount. New research shows you need a minimum of 1,000 IUs per day, and probably more.
  11. Fat cells in body lead to fat cells in bones

    Fat in your body can cause fat to build up inside your bones -- increasing your risk of fractures, breaks and even osteoporosis.
  12. Common bone drug stops bone growth

    A common drug given to women suffering from osteoporosis can block new bone from forming, according to the latest research.
  13. Osteoporosis drug Prolia linked to serious skin infections

    The osteoporosis drug Prolia has been linked to skin infections -- including serious infections that can lead to hospitalization.
  14. How to beat osteoporosis

    The most important thing you need to know about osteoporosis is that this bone disease is not inevitable.
  15. The true risks of soda

    Sugar is probably the most dangerous ingredient in most sodas -- but I have to say "probably" here, because it's got some pretty tough competition. Most sodas aren't drinks so much as water mixed with a collection of ingredients that seem like they belong in chemistry kits instead of food and beverages.
  16. New mammogram brings new risk

    The feds have just signed off on the Selenia Dimensions System, a mammogram device that delivers 3-D images of the breast... along with double the radiation of the traditional screening.
  17. Belly fat is bad for your bones

    A new study found that bigger bones aren't stronger bones. In fact, they're actually weaker, and they could even increase your risk of osteoporosis.
  18. Bad break for bone health

    Just six months after saying there's no link between osteoporosis meds and a higher risk of bone breaks, the FDA now says that osteoporosis meds have been linked to a higher risk of bone breaks.
  19. Vitamin D supplements earn an "A" from Harvard

    Researchers at the Harvard Medical School have identified vitamin D as the one nutrient that most people even with ideal diets won't be able to get enough of through food.
  20. Drugs for the side effects of other drugs

    Big Pharma's endless vicious cycle added another loop recently when the Food & Drug Administration approved a med to treat the side effects of another med.

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