Pain surgeries are FAILING… but THIS works

You call it pain, but your surgeon will call it something else.

Good business!

Patients walk into the hospital expecting surgery to make their chronic pain better; surgeons walk in often knowing full well the operation is unlikely to improve much of anything.

They have a different expectation.

They expect to get PAID from your PAIN!

And they get paid whether you get any better or not.

It’s the worst-kept secret in medicine, but I’m going to pull that cat out of the bag and expose this ugly system.

More importantly, I’m going to let you in on what REALLY works for common pain conditions.

First, new research shows that surgery for chronic pain rarely offers much help and can often lead to other (and often far worse) problems.

The study looked at common operations versus sham procedures for back pain, arthritis, abdominal pain and more. It even included surgeries for angina and endometriosis.

The study didn’t find that surgery NEVER works.

But it did find that the difference is often so minor that it’s not worth it in most cases, especially when you consider the very real risks including injuries that strike during surgery.

Imagine that: You go in to fix one form of pain… and come out with an entirely new one!

It happens, and it happens a lot: Roughly 1 in 8 patients who have pain surgery suffer at least some form of adverse event, the study finds.

But the most important part of the “new study” is the fact that it’s NOT a “new study.”

It’s an analysis of 25 older clinical trials, studies everyone in this business has already seen over the years.

It’s like I said earlier, every doctor KNOWS these operations often don’t make a difference.

They do them anyway because they make good money off it, and it adds up to a much bigger business than anyone realizes.

Pain surgeries are now a $635-billion-a-year industry – well over HALF A TRILLION dollars! – which is why no one is in any hurry to bring it to an end.

That’s where I come in.

I’m not out to make a buck off anyone else’s misery. I just want people to feel BETTER, which is why I recommend simple treatments you can often do yourself at home.

Stretches and heat are free and can work wonders for back and neck pain. Natural anti-inflammatories such as topical MSM and curcumin are inexpensive and can help the most stubborn chronic aches.

And when all else fails, acupuncture and cold laser offer real relief without having to go anywhere near a surgeon’s scalpel.

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