1. Why your pain pills DON’T work… and what DOES!

    The jig is up!

    When you complain about your pain… when you say the opioid meds aren’t working the way they used to… they’ll boost the dose and send you away, claiming more meds will lead to less pain.

    It doesn’t.

    They KNOW it doesn’t.

    But they do it anyway, for one simple reason.

    It’s FAST!

    Many of today’s big corporate clinics are all about speed. Get you in, get you out, get to the next patient fast. HURRY HURRY HURRY!

    Seeing MORE patients in LESS time means BIGGER profits.

    But while this approach is great for the corporate balance sheet, it’s terrible for patients – especially when you’re struggling with chronic pain

    So allow me to share a better plan today.

    How to beat chronic pain without resorting to opioids

    Finding the true cause of chronic pain isn’t easy.

    It takes skill… and more importantly, it takes time. Even the best doctors won’t be able to help much if they don’t have the time – and that’s what’s being stolen from them by this system.

    So they prescribe opioids for pain. And when they STILL feel pain… as is so often the case since the root problem hasn’t been found or fixed… doctors simply boost the dose.

    But the new study of more than 50,000 people finds higher doses – even 20 percent higher – lead to NO meaningful change in pain levels for chronic conditions including arthritis, back pain, neck pain, nerve pain and headaches.

    I’d call this a sham. But this is worse than a sham – because these are desperate patients with real pain who TRUST the system to help them.

    And that system is betraying them!

    They’re not only being DENIED relief. Those higher doses will also lead to a higher risk of side effects including falls, respiratory struggles, nausea, constipation, addiction and death.

    Amazingly, there often is a safe and inexpensive one-pill solution that can work wonders for patients with chronic pain – and doctors NEVER mention it!

    The secret could be as simple as vitamin C.

    This essential vitamin is needed for the growth and repair of body tissue as well as maintaining skin, cartilage, bones and teeth.

    When you fall short, those elements can fall apart – leading to back, neck, hip and knee pain and more.

    Boost the C, and your pain levels can plunge. One study, for example, found that just 1 gram a day for two weeks eased the pain of osteoarthritis. (This is a perfectly safe dose; but if you find it makes you a little gassy split it into smaller doses spread throughout the day.)

    And if you’re still struggling with pain, don’t turn to opioids.

    Speak to a doctor SKILLED in functional or integrative medicine who has the TIME needed to help find the root cause of your pain… and correct it naturally.

  2. The pain 1 in 3 cancer survivors face… and how to STOP it!

    You’ve survived your cancer… but it’s not the victory you were hoping for.

    Sure, it felt great to hear the news.

    The cancer is gone and you’re officially disease-free.

    But you don’t FEEL it.

    In some ways, you could feel worse than ever as the toll of the disease and the side effects of treatment combine to leave you absolutely WRECKED.

    And here’s the thing…

    It doesn’t always get better.

    Not unless you take my advice to ensure your body has what it needs to FIGHT BACK against the toxic tollof both the cancer and mainstream treatments including chemo, radiation and surgery.

    The LONG-TERM damage of cancer treatment

    New research finds that one out of three cancer survivors end up with something that in many ways is every bit as bad as the disease.

    They battle lifelong chronic pain.

    And in one in six of all cancer survivors, the pain is so bad that it limits activity and interferes with daily life.

    In both of those cases, the numbers are DOUBLE what we see in folks who’ve never had cancer, which means this isn’t just coincidence…

    It’s a lifelong “leftover” from cancer and cancer treatment, and it can do so much more than make you miserable.

    The study finds it’s also expensive as you need more care for your pain (and that includes more out-of-pocket costs).

    And, more importantly, that pain will also lead to a lower quality of life

    The kind that can stop you from working and keep you from the things you love… and suck the joy out of everything even if you are able to do them.

    The best ways to cut your own risks will depend on both your cancer and your treatment, but many patients will benefit from two steps:

    • Intravenous vitamin C: This natural therapy can work on its own to fight off cancer and limit the toxic side effects of treatment. It can also enhance common mainstream therapies such as chemo, so you could need lower doses for shorter periods, which will help limit the risk of long-term damage and lingering pain.
    • Detox: This basic step can help fight off the short-term fatigue and pain as well as cutting long-term risks, but the best form of detoxification will depend on both your cancer and the treatments you’re facing.

    Green tea, astragalus andginsengcan all help in many cases, but speak to a doctor first – ideally a holistic medical doctor experienced in integrative cancer care who can tailor a detox planto your specific needs.

    If you’re in the San Diego area, make an appointment to see one of the doctors here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in the area? We’re also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

    And don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook!

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