by Dr. Alan Inglis

It's nice to know that there's a government out there that takes drug risks seriously… that puts the health of its citizens above the profits of Big Pharma.

It's just too bad it's not our government.

Spanish authorities recently recalled the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil after two girls had to be hospitalized shortly after getting injections. As I'm writing this, one of the girls is still in intensive care.

The Spanish government acted quickly pulling 76,000 doses out of circulation – and that's after just two girls became ill. By contrast, our FDA admitted that by June 30, 2008 is had already received 20 reports of girls who died after being administered Gardasil. Those are old figures that have undoubtedly increased – but, according to the FDA Web site, "FDA and CDC continue to find that the benefits of Gardasil outweigh the risks."

That's our government… but before you start looking into buying a villa in Spain, I should point out that the two Spanish girls who were hospitalized were vaccinated under a government-sponsored program that was promoting Gardasil.

Why anyone would want to unleash this vaccine on their citizens is beyond me. While Gardasil has been linked to several deaths, girls also have had seizures and other neurological problems after receiving the vaccine.

And what everyone seems to forget is that, even before Gardasil became the new sliced bread, Pap smear screening in Western countries had already significantly reduced cervical cancer deaths.

I, for one, am glad to know that tens of thousands of Spanish girls will not be subjected to this medication. Maybe next we can focus on keeping American girls safe, too.