Talk about missing the point!

Blood thinners are supposed to reduce the risk of the blood clots that can lead to a heart attack or stroke -- but a new drug that's intended to slash the risk of stroke can actually increase the odds of a heart attack.

That's not a benefit -- that's trading one deadly risk for another.

The drug, called dabigatran but sold under the brand name Pradaxa, is most commonly given to atrial fibrillation patients, who have a higher risk of stroke to begin with.

It's also the first in a series of new blood thinners specifically aimed at preventing strokes -- but there were problems with it right out of the gate: Even in the studies used to get it approved, that heart risk kept popping up.

Now, a new analysis shows this wasn't just a fluke, as the drug's maker no doubt hoped, but a genuine threat that should have anyone thinking twice before popping these pills.

And get this: While the drug is supposed to slash the risk of stroke by a third, the new numbers show that it increases the risk of heart attack and acute coronary syndrome by pretty much the same amount -- nearly a third -- when compared to the older blood thinners as well as a placebo.

That's not the only serious problem with Pradaxa. This drug hasn't been on the market very long, but the FDA is already looking into reports of serious bleeding problems (being the FDA, however, you can bet that "look" is all they'll do).

I'm sure this sounds like a win for warfarin and the older generation of blood thinners, but warfarin itself is so dangerous it's actually been used for years as a rat poison -- and patients who take it need to be closely watched, lest they end up like those rats.

Like all blood thinners, warfarin can also cause serious bleeding problems, not to mention swelling, bruising, flu-like symptoms and more. It's even been linked to gangrene.

It's nuts to take those risks when there are completely natural options on the table -- including ordinary fish oil, safe for men and mice alike.

Talk to your doc before making any changes, but a skilled naturopathic physician can wean you off risky meds and help you find the right amount of your safe alternative.

And you can leave the warfarin in the garage for the rats.