I've spilled a lot of digital ink warning you of the dangers of antipsychotics--and now, here comes a little more.

A new study finds these meds, already linked to a spectacularly high death risk, can actually do their damage within months.

Researchers examined 25 studies on antipsychotics, and found an average of 4 out of 10 patients were overweight before they were given the meds.

That's in line with the rest of us.

But six months later, and nearly half of the people who started out slim and trim were thin no more: The researchers say the number of overweight patients shot up to between 6 and 7 out of 10.

That sudden, rapid weight gain could be one of the reasons behind the high rate of a heart problems linked to these meds.

And as I've warned you before, you don't have to be suffering from a severe mental problem to be given a powerful and dangerous antipsychotic drug.

They're often given to "control" dementia patients, despite the fact that they don't treat the condition and have been linked to an early death long before this study. In some places, they'll give these meds to just about any senior with a complaint--whether they have dementia or not. (Read more about that here.)

It's practically abuse--and that's nothing compared to this: A growing number of doctors now give these drugs to children as young as five years old. (Click here to read more.)

Of course that's waaaaaay off-label--but try telling that to these docs.

These meds are also routinely given out for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder--all conditions that have better, safer answers.

In fact, just about every condition treated with these meds has a safe, natural answer--so there's no two ways about it: If your doc prescribes antipsychotics for you, find another doc.

If he tries to put a parent on these meds, find another doc.

If he tries to put your child or grandchild on these meds, definitely find another doc.

And find one quick--because as the new study shows, the damage could be done before you know it.