Well whaddaya know -- it turns out small changes in your diet can lead to small changes in your health.

Go figure.

Researchers asked diabetics to replace a little of their daily carbs with either more carbs or nuts... and found that those who went nuts had slight improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The 117 diabetics were assigned to replace some carbs with either a whole wheat muffin, half a cup of mixed nuts, or a little bit of a muffin and a little bit of nuts.

After three months, those who got the full nut treatment had a small dip in average hemoglobin A1C levels -- but not quite enough to be considered clinically significant.

The nutters also saw an average drop in LDL cholesterol from 97 milligrams per deciliter to 89 mg/dL.

And all I can say is: big deal.

The answer to diabetes isn't in replacing a small amount of carbs with healthier foods -- it's in sticking to a strict low-carb diet.

Studies have proven time and again that a low-carb lifestyle can lead to real changes in blood sugar, blood pressure, waistline and more -- to the point where many diabetics can even forget they have the disease and start to live a normal life again.

And if you love nuts, don't worry -- they can be an important part of this lifestyle. Nuts are packed with healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients such as vitamin E.

One study found that in addition to drops in LDL cholesterol, a daily serving of nuts can improve the ratio of good to bad cholesterol by 8.3 percent and slash deadly triglycerides by 10.2 percent. (Read about it here.)

Another found that in addition to lowering LDL levels, pecans can actually prevent the this form of cholesterol from oxidizing -- robbing it of the ability to hurt you.

They're so good for you that even the FDA had no choice but to grudgingly approve a health claim for nuts, allowing packages to state that "evidence suggests" they can lower the risk of heart disease.

So whether you're diabetic or not, get more nuts.

And do yourself a favor: Skip the muffins of all flavors, unless you want a muffin shape yourself.