Slower reactions could lead to a quicker death

It's not often I recommend playing computer games. With three kids at home, I'm usually the one pulling the plug on those noisy time-wasters.

But I'm going to press “pause" on my opposition to videogames for just a moment, because there is one out there that might have a little bit of value.

And while it might look like a game for kids, this one is aimed squarely at you.

It works as a reaction test timing your response, and new research finds that adults who do poorly at it have a 25 percent higher risk of an early death over 15 years than adults who are quick on the draw.

In the game, you're supposed to shoot darts at sheep trying to escape. It's not as easy as it sounds; some sheep make like they're about the break and don't -- and if you shoot them, you get penalized.

If you want to give it a shot yourself, you can play for free right here.

Try it the reaction test few times before you consider the results. And if even after a little practice you find you're a little on the slow side, don't stress it too much -- it's a game, not gospel.

That said, slowing down too fast and without an obvious explanation could be a warning sign of something other than an inability to play videogames. It could be an indication of a neurological problem or an issue with your central nervous system.

In many cases, these problems can be detected and corrected if you have a doctor who knows how to test for and treat them.

I recommend working with a holistic medical doctor -- and if you're in the Southern California area, I can run those tests here in my own clinic.

Believe me, they're a lot more accurate than any videogame.

Contact my clinic for more information or to make an appointment. And if you're not in the area, I'm also available by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to learn more.

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