You might think the only "exercise" you'll get from drinking wine comes from lifting the glass -- or maybe struggling to open the bottle.

But it turns out resveratrol, the famous "red wine antioxidant," can actually trick the body into thinking it's getting some actual exercise -- giving you a big-time metabolic boost with every little sip.

In just 30 days, 11 obese-but-healthy volunteers -- as healthy as obese people can be, anyway -- given 150 mg of resveratrol a day had real and measurable changes throughout their bodies.

They shaved five points off their blood pressure, lowered their blood sugar, and even reduced their levels of liver fat. In fact, just about the only thing it didn't do would be one thing you'd really hope for the most -- because none of the volunteers actually lost any weight.

I know. So much for the "red wine diet."

But while they didn't look any different from the outside, what took place on the inside was nothing short of amazing: The researchers wrote in Cell Metabolism that the volunteers had dramatically slower metabolisms during sleep.

These were the kinds of changes normally seen in people who try the impossible-to-follow ultra-low calorie diet... except these volunteers didn't cut back on their calories at all.

The only "catch" here is that you can't expect to get these types of benefits from red wine alone -- because while it might be the tastiest way to get the antioxidant, it's not actually the best way to get it.

In fact, you'd need between 50 and 100 glasses of red wine a day to get the 150 mg of resveratrol used in the study!

So clearly, if you want the benefits of resveratrol, you're going to have to invest in a quality supplement or an antioxidant blend with resveratrol in it. It's worth the money: Other studies have shown that it can protect the heart, save your vision, reduce blood sugar levels and even help you live longer.

But don't toss the wine, either. It's loaded with polyphenols that can boost your heart health and stimulate your immune system.

And booze in general is packed with benefits: Studies have also shown that moderate drinkers who enjoy any type of alcohol live longer, healthier lives than people who don't drink.

So get a little exercise tonight and raise a glass to your lips. It's the best workout of all.

Resveratrol isn't the only way to boost your health and longevity -- keep reading for something even simpler.