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  1. Red yeast rice under attack by mainstream

    A real alternative to statins that works

    Another day, another baseless attack on supplements.

    The mainstream has launched an all-out war on red yeast rice, a natural therapy that can help lower cholesterol without many of the risks of drugs.

    The secret, of course, is that red yeast rice naturally contains very low levels of monacolin K, a substance that closely resembles a statin drug.

    Now, a new report claims to have tested 28 brands of red yeast rice from four major retailers -- Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, and Whole Foods -- and found that the levels of monacolin K vary from brand to brand and aren't listed on the label.

    They're acting as if this is some kind of crime.

    I'm not sure what the big deal is.

    Of course they will vary. Different brands use different formulations.

    And as for those labels, there's a reason you won't find monacolin K listed.

    They're not allowed to even mention it!

    It's a dirty little trick from Big Pharma's pals at the FDA. The agency claims monacolin K is so similar to a statin drug that it actually IS a drug -- and if red yeast rice contains more than "trace" levels, it's considered adulterated with a pharmaceutical.

    Yes, it's "adulterated" with itself!

    That's fine since most patients get big results -- and minimal side effects -- from even those trace levels.

    But what's NOT fine is the fear-mongering and grandstanding the mainstream is pulling over this analysis.

    They made all these wild and alarming claims about 28 products but didn't supply a single name!

    The also claimed that five of the formulas tested contained more than "trace levels" of monacolin K, although three only barely topped those amounts. Two of them, they claimed, contained the same amount of monacolin K as would be found in a prescription drug, although the amount matches a dose so low few patients are given it.

    In any case, if these researchers were TRULY concerned about the health and safety of American consumers, they would have tested multiple batches AND provided the names of each brand tested along with those results.

    So, let me do what they didn't and give you the real scoop on red yeast rice supplements.

    I've recommended this natural treatment to my own patients for years now, and I have the test results to prove it delivers on the promise of low cholesterol. I've also seen that it works in many patients without the notorious risks of statin drugs.

    So, if your cholesterol is a little high and you haven't had much luck bringing it down on your own, don't be afraid to ask a holistic medical doctor about red yeast rice from a trusted manufacturer.

    It just might save you from a lifetime of cholesterol meds.

  2. Red yeast rice to lower cholesterol naturally

    The natural alternative to statin drugs

    I don't use the word "scam" lightly, so believe me when I tell you that cholesterol meds are an absolute swindle. Most of the people who take them don't even need them -- and those who do need help to lower cholesterol naturally have far better and much safer options.

    Always start with the lifestyle changes proven to lower cholesterol naturally. Always.

    And when you need a little more help, don't turn to meds. Try some red yeast rice instead.

    This natural wonder can slash your LDL cholesterol by 22 percent and total cholesterol by 12.5 percent in just one month, according to a new study in which red yeast rice supplements were combined with heart-friendly coenzyme Q10.

    That's good... real good... and shows again why you just don't need statin drugs or their side effects, which include muscle pain, memory loss and an increased risk of diabetes, when you can lower cholesterol naturally.

    (Oh, and ladies, the statin news is even worse for you. These drugs could raise your risk of getting a potentially deadly cancer by 83 percent! Click here to get the frightening details.)

    But this gets even better, because red yeast rice and CoQ10 have another trick up their sleeve. They can slash your levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (aka CRP) by nearly a quarter.

    That's an inflammation marker that's been linked to heart disease, heart attack, cancer, infection and more. I'd go as far as to say that bringing your CRP levels down is in many ways far more important than reducing your cholesterol levels.

    And that brings us to the multi-billion-dollar question: If red yeast rice is so safe and effective, why isn't it given to everyone who needs to lower cholesterol naturally?

    Answer: Because red yeast rice is 100 percent natural -- and, because it's natural, it can't be patented by Big Pharma and sold at a huge markup.

    That's why the drug industry considers red yeast rice to be one of its biggest threats, and why they've used their bully power to try to keep it out of stores. They've even convinced the FDA to go after red yeast rice for being adulterated with an "unauthorized drug."

    But that "unauthorized drug" is... ready for this?... itself.

    One of the main compounds in red yeast rice, monacolin K, is chemically identical to the drug lovastatin. But it's not added to the red yeast rice -- it's already there, and has been there all along.

    Calling that "adulterated" with an unauthorized drug is like saying a tree is "adulterated" with unauthorized leaves.

    I'm going to have the full and uncensored story on red yeast rice -- including other ways it can help you, and the best ways to get it -- in an upcoming edition of my printed newsletter, Health Revelations.

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