rheumatoid arthritis

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis drugs fail, but you can still get relief

    What your doc WON’T tell you about rheumatoid

    How’s this for madness?

    New research proves that powerful drugs with sickening side effects DON’T work very well for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

    And to the 1.3 million Americans suffering with this agonizing disease, the mainstream says… KEEP TAKING THEM!

    But there’s a simple reason these meds don’t – and CAN’T– work, and I’ll let you in on it in just a moment.

    What’s more, I’ll tell you what DOES work… and WHY.

    First, a look at how the mainstream’s approach ruins the very lives it’s supposed to improve.

    The new study started from the flawed premise that people don’t get relief because they don’t take their meds.

    Presumably, if we could only get them to take their pills – ALL of their pills – they’d feel better.

    That would make sense… IF the meds truly worked… WITHOUT making people literally sick.But the study proves how the meds DON’T work and CAN make you sick.

    Researchers cooked up two different ways to get patients to take the drug methotrexate.

    One involved counseling sessions with a pharmacist explaining why it’s so important to keep taking those pills even when they don’t seem to be working.

    The other involved pesky text message reminders.

    Both groups reached the “goal,” at least as far as the study was concerned: More people DID take their meds.

    The patients who got the text message reminders improved the most… in terms of pill-taking.

    They DIDN’T improve so much in terms of relief!

    The changes in just about every measure you care about – including inflammation and disease progression and remission progression -- were NONEXISTENT to MINIMAL at best.

    But that little detail didn’t stop the researchers, who thought that maybe the study was too short to prove that there would be a bigger benefit from better compliance.

    Too short??? This thing ran for six months!

    If you don’t get a benefit at half a year, when exactly should you expect one?

    And along with only the slightest of benefits, the folks who took the meds put themselves at risk for a devasting series of side effects.

    Methotrexate is one of the worst drugs in the pharmacy, linked to risks including everything from “minor” ones (such as coughing fits and diarrhea) to downright terrifying ones, such as sores on your mouth and lips, bloody urine, and fever.

    The reason this drug doesn’t work is simple: It doesn’t attack the cause, which can differ from patient to patient.

    It can be triggered, for example, by undiagnosed bacterial, fungal, or viral infections as well as untreated (and often untested) food sensitivities, just to name a few.

    If you want REAL relief, you’ll need some REAL tests to figure out the true cause.

    You won’t get that from a reminder to take your pills. But you will get it from an experienced holistic medical doctor.

    For complete testing and treatment in the San Diego area, make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine. Not in Southern California? I’m also available for advice by phone.

    Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  2. Rheumatoid arthritis defeated with common foods

    Fight pain... with FOOD!

    LESS pain... just by eating MORE of the foods you already love?

    That might sound like a holiday miracle, especially if you're suffering from the relentless agony of rheumatoid arthritis.

    But a new report finds it's 100 percent true.

    Certain foods can chase away the pain and help you feel better than you have in years, maybe even as good as you did before your joints started falling apart from this debilitating disease.

    The new study identifies 33 powerful inflammation-fighting foods that can help bring long-term pain relief to RA patients -- and when I say "relief," I don't just mean that these foods will help in some small way.

    They could change your life, easing pain so effectively that the study finds they can work as well as meds... but with NONE of the risks and side effects.

    Start with some of your favorite fruits: grapes, blueberries, pomegranate, grapefruits, mangos, bananas, peaches, apples, and even some dried plums.

    You like those, right? You'll like them even more when they ease your aching joints!

    Next, add some spice to your meals, specifically ginger and turmeric. They not only taste great... but they're so good at blocking inflammation that many people even rely on them as pain-fighting supplements.

    And don't forget to take your fish oil, as omega-3 fatty acids are also proven painkillers.

    The study also suggests a few grains, but I think that's a mistake, as too many people are sensitive to them. They can make the RA worse in some folks (and of course, they can also raise blood sugar).

    Stick to the fruits, herbs, and vegetables, and eat a diet low in red meats and processed foods. Cook with olive oil and enjoy green tea -- both of which also made the cut on the new list -- and you can expect real and lasting relief.

    If these basics sound a little familiar, it's because they also form the core of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet you've read so much about here in House Calls.

    And if you haven't made the switch yet... and you're suffering from rheumatoid... here's your golden ticket to give it a shot.

    Along with fighting rheumatoid, the nutrients in these foods can also fight other forms of pain caused by inflammation -- including pain in the back, neck, and muscles.

    And of course, making the switch to this healthy lifestyle will do something else.

    It can protect your heart, slashing your risk of heart attack and stroke and adding years to your life.

    Need a little more help overcoming rheumatoid or any other form of pain? I'm here for you! Make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine. I'm also available for advice by phone.

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  3. Step-by-step plan defeats rheumatoid arthritis fatigue

    Ease RA fatigue and boost your energy It's one of the worst parts of rheumatoid arthritis, after the pain itself. The constant agony... the chronic inflammation... the drugs used to treat the condition and more can all work together to sap every last drop of energy out of your body. As a result, rheumatoid patients are often faced with constant...
  4. Ease rheumatoid arthritis with weight loss

    Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by your immune system, but it can be worsened by weight – and if you don’t drop a few pounds, you might never see any improvement.
  5. Clean gums can protect joints

    A clean mouth with healthy gums means more than just fewer cavities and fresher breath. Good oral hygiene is essential to your overall health because the same bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease can wreak all kinds of havoc inside the body, damaging your arteries, heart, brain and more. Continue reading →
  6. Slash your rheumatoid risk with omega-3 fatty acid

    Fish oil can reduce the risk of rheumatoid and help fight the damage if you do get the disease.
  7. New arthritis rheumatoid med comes with huge risks

    A new drug for rheumatoid arthritis offers minimal relief and the potential for huge risks. Try natural pain relief instead.
  8. You're slowly being poisoned

    Want a shock? Go get tested for heavy metals. Your jaw will drop when you see the results.
  9. Drug side effects skyrocket

    My favorite part of any drug commercial is the long list of side effects at the end--the rhythmic chant of all the "bonuses" you might expect when you take the med.
  10. Talking sense on arthritis

    After decades of refusing to accept any of the substantial evidence of food's role in rheumatoid arthritis, the New York Times recently examined the latest research… and concluded that there may be something to it after all.
  11. Don't buy this herbal treatment for rheumatoid

    In addition to being perfectly natural, thunder god vine is also perfectly poisonous.
  12. Powerful meds have dangers for kids

    There's nothing quite as bad as giving someone a med with side effects worse than the condition it treats.
  13. Drugs for the side effects of other drugs

    Big Pharma's endless vicious cycle added another loop recently when the Food & Drug Administration approved a med to treat the side effects of another med.
  14. Don't wait for rheumatoid drug

    Now, you don't have to put up with side effects from any drugs to fight rheumatoid arthritis, whether it's three months or three years.
  15. Researchers going pointlessly high-tech to treat rheumatoid

    There is a highly successful treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, and it's a lot simpler than many people want you to believe.

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