If you’ve got a potential treatment for stress, there’s no better time to let the world know about it than right now.

And if it works?

There’s no better time to TRY it!

Well, friend, it looks like we’ve got another winner ready to pass the literal stress test here in these tense times as the latest science reveals a potent natural therapy that can:

  • EASE anxiety
  • FIGHT stress
  • ENHANCE mood
  • IMPROVE depression
  • BOOST quality of life

Something this good should be worth its weight in gold, right?

Well, this one isn’t.

It’s actually worth MORE.

But you don’t have to have a wallet ready for Tiffany’s to get in on this incredible natural therapy.

Because despite the golden value, you can score what you need from some of the nickel, zinc and copper coins in your pocket!

The SAFFRON cure for mood disorders

Saffron has been called the rarest spice in the world, which may be overstating the situation a bit given that your local supermarket probably has it.

But it’s certainly not cheap.

By weight, it costs more than gold. But as a spice made from a flower, it’s almost weightless in the amounts we need for food… and weighs even less when it comes to the compounds inside that can deliver so many incredible benefits to the body.

Saffron has been shown to fight cancer, enhance vision, improve memory, speed weight loss and so much more.

In the new study, saffron went up against a placebo in 56 people suffering from struggles with mood, anxiety, stress and depression.

And the saffron ran rings around that placebo.

The folks who took the supplement reported better mood, and even better social relationships.

If this were just one study… or the only one to find a benefit… you might write this off as a flowery fluke.

But it’s not.

One review of five earlier studies found it worked better than a placebo for mild-to-moderate cases of depression.

And another study found something that’s in many ways even more amazing: It matched the effects of antidepressant drugs including fluoxetine (aka Prozac) and citalopram (aka Celexa), but without the side effects.

Yet another study on women suffering from PMS found that even SMELLING saffron can ease anxiety and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Yes, benefits you can literally smell!

The new study tested 30 mg per day; you can get supplements in that dosage for about $7 a month.

Now if only gold were that easy to come by in useful amounts…