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  1. Sex makes people happy

    A good meal, a little spending money, and a night of passion -- any one of those things would be enough to make most people happy... especially that last one.

    You might overeat and feel horrible afterwards... and it's easy to spend all your money. But you just can't overdo it when it comes to sex -- and all you need is a willing partner and working parts.

    Now, a new survey confirms what most of us already know: People who have more frequent sex are happier, and that's especially true of seniors.

    The survey of 238 married seniors found that 60 percent of those who had sex more than once a month were "very happy with life in general," versus just 40 percent of those who had no sex at all over the past year.

    What's more, 80 percent of those who had sex more than once a month were happy with their marriages -- and I hope everyone reading this falls into that category.

    The only catch here is that some people have a hard time keeping up in the bedroom once they reach their later years -- and that's especially true of men.

    Sometimes, the mind is willing... but the parts just aren't up to the task.

    Don't be fooled by all those TV commercials -- the best way to fix this isn't with a penis pill. In fact, that's actually the worst possible solution: Sex meds like Viagra and Cialis have been linked to vision problems, hearing loss, headaches, breathing problems and more -- including painful erections that require a trip to the ER to correct.

    In many cases, erection problems are linked to obesity -- so if you've put on a few pounds over the years, lose the weight now... and watch your sex life return.

    Other men may simply need a boost in testosterone, the male hormone that drops off naturally after middle age -- leading to dips in vitality, sexual function and more.

    A naturopathic physician can get you back on track with natural hormones. And that, in turn, can improve both your marriage and your overall happiness.

  2. The manly way to lower your heart risk

    You already know how testosterone can bring your sex life back from the dead. Now, the latest research shows how it can keep the rest of you out of the grave as well.

    In fact, this manly hormone can slash your risk of two of the greatest killers of seniors: heart attack and stroke.

    Swedish researchers examined testosterone levels of some 2,400 men in their 70s and 80s, then tracked them for an average of five years.

    Over that time, they found that men in the top 25 percent of testosterone levels had a 30 percent lower risk of cardiovascular problems including heart disease, heart attack and stroke than everyone else -- and that's even after adjusting for risk factors including weight, diabetes and a previous history of heart attack and stroke.

    The study doesn't go as far as to prove that testosterone is the reason for the stronger hearts -- but it's certainly not the first to make the link.

    A study last year found that men in their 70s and 80s with the lowest levels of testosterone were more likely to have at least three of five signs of failing health -- including heart disease, chronic fatigue, and difficulties getting around.

    Another study even found that men with the lowest levels were most likely to die younger.

    Clearly, you need this stuff… even if you think you're no longer interested in sex. Now, the question is how to get it -- because if you're past middle age, you almost certainly need more.

    First thing's first: Head to a physician experienced in natural hormones. He can check your levels, find out where you are, and give you what you need the right way.

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