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  1. Sex-Boosting Formula Could TRANSFORM Your Love Life?!

    I want to ask you something personal.

    It’s about your love life:

    Have you been having performance issues in the bedroom? Nights where you just can’t please your wife the way you used to? Or maybe there are times where the moment feels right…but you’re not as “hard” as you’d like?

    And more often than not a night that would – and should – be filled with passion leaves both of you unsatisfied?

    If you answered yes to any of these – don’t be embarrassed. The reality is thousands of men struggle with issues between the sheets. You’re NOT alone!

    See, the problem actually boils down to something you can’t control. It’s a chemical called nitric oxide.

    And it’s this chemical that’s responsible for keeping your blood flowing strong – the KEY ingredient to keeping things up and running “down there.”

    But what happens is…as you age your levels of oxide DECREASE—as much as 75 percent! It’s what’s largely responsible for “sending things south…”

    Which is why I want to share with you my new, ground-breaking formula that can BOOST your sex life. It’s called Powernox, and it starts with an ingredient that hones in on your nitric oxide levels.

    It’s an ingredient that might just be hiding in your kitchen right now.

    Garlic. Yes, you read that right – believe it or not, garlic contains a unique enzyme called allicin that can help send your nitric oxide levels skyrocketing.

    In fact, one study had participants take either garlic or a placebo, and – incredibly enough – after just TWO hours, the nitric oxide levels for those taking garlic increased 224 PERCENT!

    And even better yet…after four hours it jumped to an astounding 913 percent!

    But Powernox doesn’t just stop there… it’s packed-full of other ingredients that are designed to turn up the heat in your bedroom.

    A second ingredient – that you won’t find in your kitchen or grocery store– is much harder to get your hands on. Dredged up from Malaysia, Tongkat ali, is an herb that has shown to be a POWERHOUSE for your sex life.

    A group of men were given Tongkat ali for three weeks (that’s LESS than one month!) … and afterwards each reported that the heat had sex life had suddenly STEAMED UP.

    In another, similar study, they found that another group of participants not only experienced BETTER sex… but they also had more energy and even lost some weight!

    Take a moment and imagine how your wife is going to look at you… and how amazed she’s going to feel… when you surprise her with your newfound hardness and stamina…

    …and imagine how much more affectionate your woman is going to be… and how much she’s going to make you feel like a real man again!

    And if you’re not married… get ready for your dating life to get way hotter.

    Because, let’s face it, beautiful women crave a man old enough to be sophisticated… who’s also virile enough to satisfy her… over and over again

    It’s time to make this the hottest summer on record…just like when you were a teenager. And it starts with Powernox.

    Even better…beyond helping turn up the heat in the bedroom, trimming your waistline AND having more energy, it’s also RISK-FREE.

    Just click here to get your own Powernox and get on your way to a better, satisfying, and passionate sex life.

  2. Herpes simplex virus can lead to dementia

    Cold sore virus linked to memory problems

    They're not just ugly and embarrassing. They're painful, too -- and cold sores might not be done with you yet.

    The same herpes simplex virus responsible for those unsightly sores could also increase your risk of something far worse: memory loss, and possibly even dementia.

    New research links cognitive decline to the herpes simplex 1 virus responsible for cold sores as well as herpes simplex 2, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia pneumonia, and Helicobacter pylori (the stomach bacteria responsible for many ulcers).

    The more of these infections you have -- and many people have more than one, or even all five -- the higher your risk, with the highest "infectious burden" increasing the risk of low scores on cognitive tests by 25 percent.

    If there's an upside, it's that the infectious burden didn't increase the risk of further decline over the eight-year study period -- only the risk of starting out with a lower score.

    The study is part of a growing body of evidence linking chronic infection to memory loss and cognitive decline, especially infection with the herpes simplex virus. One recent study found that herpes simplex virus 1 damages nerve cells in ways that could lead to dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

    The problem with the herpes simplex virus is that it never really goes way -- it just goes dormant.

    But if you have it, you can keep it dormant and prevent unsightly breakouts and maybe even slash your risk of memory loss at the same time -- and you can start by increasing your levels of L-lysine, an amino acid that can stop the virus from reproducing.

    You'll find it in legumes as well as fish, turkey, and chicken, but you'll need a supplement if you want to fight off herpes. I recommend 1,000 mg two to three times a day between meals during an outbreak, or half as much to prevent outbreaks.

    For more on the herpes virus including prevention and the best ways to limit outbreaks if you are infected, see my book, "Prescription for Natural Cures."

  3. Obesity linked to erection and urinary problems

    Obese men have triple the risk of ejaculation problems and double the risk of erection problems as thin men, as well as a higher risk of urinary problems.
  4. Testosterone can help with obesity and other health problems

    Testosterone can help men overcome everything from obesity to sexual dysfunction -- and even lower levels of cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.
  5. New erection pill packs the same old risks

    The last thing we need is yet another erection pill with the same risks as the old ones -- but that's just what the FDA is giving us.
  6. Obesity kills sperm

    Time for some tough talk about the male waistline -- specifically what's right above it... and what's right below, because the two are more closely linked than you might think.

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