1. How soda messes up your metabolism

    Just ONE soda can do this to your body

    It's 2017, and no one's under any illusions anymore.

    Soda's bad, right?

    We all know that, yet I bet you've had a soda at some point recently.

    Don't be too hard on yourself over it -- soda's a multi-billion-dollar industry, so you're hardly alone.

    The reason it remains popular is simple: While we all KNOW soda is bad, most people think an occasional pop might not be too bad. If you're one of them, you might order one, for example, just when you're eating out.

    But new research shows how that's exactly when you SHOULDN'T have one!

    While there's no GOOD time to drink soda, the foods they're often served with tend to be high in fat and high in protein.

    Y'know... fast food. Big Mac and a Coke, right?

    Eating any form of high-fat fast food with water would be bad enough, but the study finds that if you suck back a soda while you eat that junk, you're not just getting extra calories from sugar.

    This combo also slows the body's fat oxidation by 8 percent.

    That's just what it sounds like: How you break down fat. When that process slows, you store more of that unsightly blubber, especially around your middle.

    In other words, there's more than a little truth to the old saying, "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!"

    That's not the only damage, either.

    In the study, volunteers were given meals with either a sugary drink or a sugar-free one while in a sealed chamber to measure their metabolism. Those tests revealed that the body fails to burn about a third of the calories that come from the drink itself.

    And to complete the ugly picture, the body uses less energy overall when digesting a meal with a sugary drink.

    Again, that's everything you DON'T want. It means you'll store more energy -- in other words, your body will create more fat -- instead of working off the meal and soft drink.

    Don't be tempted into thinking that diet soda is the healthier choice, simply because its immediate effects aren't as bad.

    Diet soda is, in many ways, just as unhealthy as regular soda. In some ways, it might even be worse.

    Instead of losing weight, diet soda drinkers can often gain it -- and studies show some may have a higher risk of diabetes to boot. One study earlier this year even found that diet soda can triple the risk of one form of stroke and boost the odds of dementia.

    Drink water instead. Try infusing fruit or using herbal teas for flavor... or club soda if you need some fizz.

  2. Soda can lead to prediabetes

    You're still drinking too much soda

    The word is out: Soda is bad.

    We've always known that, but now we're actually doing something about it.

    As a result, sales are falling flat. Soda consumption has dropped to its lowest level in 30 YEARS!

    But don't pat yourself on the back just yet -- because odds are, you're still drinking way too much of this sludge.

    The average American now consumes 14 ounces of soda per day. That's way less than we've had before, but new research shows how that's still more than enough to increase your risk of disease.

    And if you drink that much yourself -- or ANY soda per day at all, really -- you could find yourself trading soda sips for insulin shots soon enough.

    Because the new study finds that even a single can of soda per day can lead to prediabetes.

    A can is just 12 ounces. That's LESS than the actual per capita consumption right now.

    And if you drink that amount yourself... if you crack open a cold can of cola with lunch each day and tell yourself it's OK... your risk of prediabetes jumps by 46 percent.

    Prediabetes is so close to diabetes that you can almost taste it, the way you can almost taste the soda as you bring that can to your lips.

    That taste, of course, comes from sugar -- and lots of it. A single 12-ounce soda can contain 10 or 11 teaspoons of sugar, causing a sudden and severe spike in your blood glucose.

    Your body pumps out insulin to bring it under control; but when it's asked to do that nearly every day, it starts to wear out.

    That insulin is no longer as effective, and you become insulin resistant.

    That puts you on the path to prediabetes... followed by real diabetes... and, eventually, heart disease and an early death.

    Obviously, the only "safe" amount of soda is none at all. Even diet soda is terrible for your health, as the chemical sweeteners used in place of sugar can cause other kinds of damage inside your body.

    Some studies even show that switching to diet can actually cause you to gain weight and increase your risk of diabetes by almost 60 percent.

    And nearly all sodas -- both diet and regular -- contain a wide range of dangerous chemicals, including a coloring agent linked to cancer.

    Better options include plain ol' water, which you can infuse with fruit or mint to add flavor or carbonate to add some fizz.

    Even better, tea -- hot or iced -- can help keep you hydrated and refreshed, while packing health benefits instead of risks.

  3. Sugary drinks raise gout risk

    Drinking soda can increase the risk of gout -- even in people who have a gene that protects them from the disease.
  4. Sugary drinks could be one of the causes of kidney stones

    A new study links sugar sweetened drinks like soda and fruit punch to a rise in kidney stone risks.
  5. Drinking soda and diabetes link

    Soda has been linked to diabetes yet again, with each daily can you drink increasing your risk by more than a fifth.
  6. Stick to the recommended sugar intake

    Sugary drinks such as soda are taking a deadly toll, killing at least 25,000 Americans every year, according to new research out of Harvard.
  7. Soda drinks in new depression link

    People who drink soft drinks have a higher risk of depression -- and people who drink diet sodas have the highest risk of all.
  8. Saturated fats kill sperm

    Saturated fats -- the unhealthiest of the fats found in meat and junk food -- can cause sperm counts to plunge by 41 percent.
  9. The caramel color in sodas may be carcinogenic

    A key ingredient, caramel color, used in many colas and other soft drinks can increase your risk of cancer.
  10. High-fructose corn syrup is worse than sugar

    The corn industry wants you to think high-fructose corn syrup is the same as sugar -- but the research says otherwise. Get the science here.
  11. How to avoid kidney stones

    More people than ever can expect to battle kidney stones, with new numbers showing the risk has nearly doubled over 16 years. Here's how to avoid them.
  12. Soda scare: Sugary drinks linked to new heart risk

    Any time I use the words "soda" and "study" in the same sentence, it's never good news for soda. I can't recall a single study that shows soda benefits anything other than the bank accounts of the people who sell it. And the latest research is no exception.
  13. The true risks of soda

    Sugar is probably the most dangerous ingredient in most sodas -- but I have to say "probably" here, because it's got some pretty tough competition. Most sodas aren't drinks so much as water mixed with a collection of ingredients that seem like they belong in chemistry kits instead of food and beverages.
  14. Diet soda in new health scare

    Let's face it: There's nothing "diet" about diet soda. It won't make you healthier and it won't even help you to lose weight -- and that's been proven.
  15. Risky business: Sleepless kids are bad news

    Kids who miss out on sleep aren't just groggy in school -- they're also far more likely to do all the things that give parents nightmares.
  16. A nation of sugar addicts

    No wonder we're fatter and sicker than ever and getting worse every day: New numbers from the CDC show that half of all Americans over the age of TWO YEARS OLD drink at least one soda a day.
  17. Government guidelines lead to heart disease

    The U.S. government's dietary guidelines released last year allow people to get as much as 25 percent of their calories from added sugars. If it's not immediately obvious why that's a bad idea, a new study spells it out.
  18. Cola color in cancer link

    Soda is just about the most destructive blend of chemicals being sold for consumption today.
  19. Soda linked to diabetes & metabolic syndrome

    We all know people who drink soda day and night, yet somehow manage to remain slim and trim. Don't envy them--because that stick-figure waistline alone doesn't mean they're healthy. In fact, that soda habit is almost certainly doing real harm on the inside. A new study finds that sugar-sweetened drinks can increase your risk for diabetes, which isn't surprising. But...
  20. Soda: still no good

    Ounce for ounce, there are few things in your home as bad for your body as soda.

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