1. The TWO DRUGS you REALLY don’t need anymore!

    We do so much outta habit that it’s not always easy to spot the bad ones.

    And it’s not just chewing pencils and biting nails.

    Millions of Americans… especially OLDER folks… take medications each day that they probably should’ve stopped years ago.

    You might even be one of them.

    Because as new research shows, the problem’s a lot more widespread than ANYONE in medicine has realized – and it could be leading to a hidden wave of misery, pain and death around the nation.

    So today, I’m going to reveal the two most common “bad habit” medications named in the new study… and then, I’ll share two better ways to improve your health and add years to your life.

    The TWO DRUGS you almost certainly DON’T need

    In many cases, doctors start patients on a drug NOT for a temporary problem… like an infection… but some vague notion of “health” with the expectation that you keep taking them from here to eternity.

    That’s how people get started on two of the most common unnecessary drugs: aspirin and statins.

    But in most cases, folks over 75 shouldn’t be on the drugs, even according to mainstream guidelines (and by my own guidelines, NO ONE needs ’em at any age).

    Yet they’re still on them, taking them out of habit and because their own doctors have never told them to stop.

    The new study finds:

    • 45 percent of folks over 75 are taking daily aspirin
    • 56 percent are taking a statin

    …and many are taking BOTH, a daily double dose of bad news!

    So let’s take a look at why each one’s a bad idea… and your way off.

    THE DRUG: Aspirin, still taken daily by millions who THINK low doses can thin the blood and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    THE PROBLEM: Doesn’t work that way.

    Studies show that for primary prevention – stopping a FIRST serious cardiovascular problem – the risks of serious side effects, including dangerous and even deadly internal bleeding, far outweigh any potential benefits.

    Even mainstream guidelines now urge against it!

    THE SOLUTION: There are better, gentler and safer ways to help enhance blood flow and cut heart risk.

    Fish oil is one of the most popular, and I recommend it to just about everyone over the age of 40. But there are also a few lesser-known heart heroes that don’t get the attention they deserve such as L-Carnitine, D-Ribose and CoQ10.

    THE DRUG: Statins, which the mainstream establishment pushed on virtually everyone in the mistaken belief that lower levels of LDL cholesterol are always better.

    THE PROBLEM: Where do I even begin here???

    These drugs can cause everything from immediate side effects like muscle pain to longer-term struggles such as memory loss. They can even cause diabetes. Yeah… the same drug that’s supposed “protect” your health can GIVE YOU a deadly disease instead.


    Oh, and the very reason for their existence is a hoax; lower LDL absolutely ISN’T always better, and in some cases can be worse.

    THE SOLUTION: Pantethine, also known as vitamin B5, can help deliver healthy cholesterol levels without the risks of statins, enhancing HDL and reducing not just LDL but the specific particles that are much more damaging.

    Just don’t quit any meds without speaking to your doctor first – and if you have any questions, speak to a physician who practices integrative or functional medicine.

  2. WARNING: New study exposes HIDDEN risk of cholesterol meds

    Here’s how LITTLE they think of you – how LITTLE they think of ALL of us.

    Right now, millions of Americans are taking a drug that’s been foisted on nearly everyone from middle ages on up in one of the most chillingly successful mass medication programs in modern history.

    You might even be on this med yourself!

    Yet they just discovered it’s doing SOMETHING inside your body that NO ONE anticipated.

    And they admit it could also be INCREDIBLY DAMAGING to your body, including your vital organs!

    They just don’t know.

    Yet that hasn’t stopped them from pushing the drugs anyway.

    So let me give you another way – a way off the drugs if you or a loved on is taking them… and over to a plan that’s unquestionably both safer and more effective.

    New risk linked to statin drugs

    Would you take a drug if it caused changes deep inside your cells that no one understood?

    Me neither.

    But a shocking new report reveals that the 35 million+ Americans taking statin drugs for cholesterol are facing EXACTLY that.

    You’ve probably heard of – or maybe even FELT – the infamous muscle pain that often accompanies the drugs. It’s because statins can drain muscle cells of all their energy in a hurry, sucking them flat by shutting down the mitochondria, or the little power plant at the heart of every cell.

    So researchers asked the question that apparently NO ONE ELSE in medicine has considered until now.

    If the drug is doing that to energy inside muscle cells… what in God’s name is it doing to BLOOD cells?

    The answer was a bit of a stunner: On the face of it, the complete opposite. The drugs seem to increase energy in the blood cells.

    But here’s where this gets scary…

    They’re not sure if this is good or bad!

    If the drugs are causing blood cells to generate MORE energy spontaneously, that might be good.

    But there’s also a chance those energy levels are jumping to compensate for DAMAGE caused by the meds – including, potentially, damage to the organs.

    And that would be bad.

    VERY bad.

    Call me old-fashioned… call me a stickler… call me crazy if you want… but I think you should figure this stuff out BEFORE you put millions of people onto the med!

    Throw in the other very clear risks – diabetes, liver and kidney damage, memory loss, and more – and you gotta wonder why in the heck anyone would take these meds.

    After all, they DON’T save lives (fact!).

    And the entire premise for the drugs is flawed, because LDL cholesterol ISN’T bad for you despite its nickname.

    It’s only BAD when the LDL becomes OXIDIZED!

    It’s called OxLDL, and studies of healthy middle-aged men show it can QUADRUPLE the risk of coronary artery disease. If you’re a little older, that same OxLDL could even be a sign that you already have the condition.

    Talk to your doc about getting tested for OxLDL instead of just LDL on its own.

    If your OxLDL is high, there’s an easy fix.

    Coenzyme Q10 (aka CoQ10) can cut those levels – and unlike statins, which suck the energy out of muscle, CoQ10 can actually INCREASE it by charging up your mitochondria.

    I like a form from New Zealand called MitoQ.

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    CONFIRMED: Common meds cause diabetes If irony ever came in a pill, I bet it would be a cholesterol drug. You follow your doctor's orders and take statins every day, spending years battling side effects ranging from muscle pain to memory loss. But you keep at it because he insists that these cholesterol drugs will cut your risk of heart...
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    Statins aren’t as good for the heart as you’ve been told: Older diabetic women who take the meds get no protection at all from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
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    Statins have been proven to cause muscle pain in some patients who take them, and new research shows how the drugs can cause a devastating, permanent and possibly deadly form of it called autoimmune myopathy.
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    Levels of calcium in the artery are one of the best predictors of heart risk -- not cholesterol.
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