1. Stress can trigger deadly heart condition

    URGENT: Holiday stress HURTS your HEART! (How to STOP it)

    It’s Christmas Eve, and time for one last check to make sure everything is in place for the big day.

    I hope it’s a joyous one for you and your family…

    But let’s face it: getting here was a challenge!

    All the planning… running around… and spending adds up to a lot of something else:


    That’s why today I want to give you a way to help prevent stress from spoiling your holidays.

    I’ll show you three of the best all-natural stress-busters around that’ll work tonight… tomorrow… on New Year’s Eve… or any other day!

    3 holiday stress-busters to PROTECT your HEART

    Before we get to the stress-busters, I want to make sure every woman out there takes a look at a new study…

    It’s stress-related, and seeing it is extremely important for your health – so let’s get right into it.

    The study focused on a condition called myocardial ischemia (aka MSIMI), which is when you have heart disease and blood flow starts to slow.

    It slows not just because of the disease itself, but also because of STRESS.

    And the study finds women are about a third more likely to suffer from MSIMI than men.

    That, in turn, means stress is more dangerous… and DEADLIER… for women.

    That’s bad enough.

    But the study goes even further, revealing the reason this condition packs so many extra risks in women...

    See, women with MSIMI tend to have what’s known as microcirculatory dysfunction.

    In plain talk, it’s when the essential small blood vessels around your heart start to break down, which is what leads to that sluggish blood flow -- and all of the risks that come with it.

    This ENTIRE breakdown is triggered by stress!

    That’s why it’s critical to take a breather.

    Easier said than done?

    Here are three stress-busting tips that will help:

    • Ashwagandha: This botanical therapy has been used for centuries to bring calm and ease stress, and cutting-edge studies show why. It’s PROVEN to slash serum levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It’s great on its own, but even better with a mix of B vitamins.
    • Rhodiola rosea: This natural herbal remedy, also known as golden root, is proven in more than 200 studies to ease both mental stress and the physical toll stress takes on your body. And in a 2017 study, rhodiola rosea was shown to have a significant impact in as little as a week!
    • Prayer: Never forget the most natural stress-buster of all… A few moments of quiet contemplation in His presence is often enough to put it all in perspective, especially here in the Christmas season.


  2. Stress can cause permanent heart damage

    How a little stress can damage your heart

    The sad truth is that the end of the holidays can often come as a huge sigh of relief for many people. Too much planning, eating, and -- let's face it -- spending can suck some of the joy right out of the season.

    Ladies, that stress can hit you a whole lot harder than it does the guys, and new research shows how that's true any time of year.

    And if you're not careful, that same stress -- no matter what the source -- can lead to something a whole lot worse than aggravation and ulcers, especially if you have heart disease.

    In the new study, both men and women with the condition were given a little stress: They were forced to give a speech.

    The very thought is enough to make some folks break out into a sweat, right?

    At least you can SEE that part of it.

    What you can't see deep inside the body is far worse, as roughly 1 in 6 patients -- men and women alike -- developed what's known as myocardial ischemia in response to that stress.

    That's when less blood flows into the heart.

    In guys, it was a caused by a jump in blood pressure and heart rate during stress, which is fairly normal and usually fixes itself pretty quickly.

    In women, however, it was a completely different story.

    When they developed that ischemia, it was because the small blood vessels suddenly tightened up.

    That's a much more dangerous condition, especially since women already face a higher risk of more permanent problems with those same small blood vessels.

    The arteries can get so stiff that blood can't get through, which can increase your risk of serious complications like heart attack and even death.

    These tightened blood vessels from stress may even be just as dangerous as the nasty junk that can build up inside the arteries and choke off blood.

    Different cause... but the same potentially deadly result.

    If you're feeling a little stress of your own right now -- whether it's a holiday holdover or just one of life's rough patches -- don't hold it in, ignore it, or try to tune it out.

    Do something about it... before it does a number on you.

    Aromatherapy, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicine, exercise, and prayer can all work wonders to lighten the load and help you to feel relaxed.

    If you need a little more help, work with a holistic medical doctor on natural stress relief.

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