Carbs make cancer come back

Colon cancer doesn't have to be deadly. Catch it early, and you can treat it and beat it.

But winning the war against this disease isn't as simple as a one-and-done procedure -- because unless you make some serious changes to the amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates in your diet and lifestyle, the cancer can come back.

Junk ingredients such as sugar and other refined carbohydrates can actually cause colon cancer in the first place. And if you keep eating them after a cancer battle, you may as well give the disease an invitation to return.

Just take a look at the latest research, on more than 1,000 stage III colon cancer survivors in their early 60s. Those who ate the fewest carbs had the lowest risk of a recurrence.

Those who ate the mos refined carbohydrates t, on the other hand, were 80 percent more likely to battle the disease again or even die. And in overweight or obese patients, eating carbs more than doubled the risk of a second bout with colon cancer or death.

It's not just colon cancer, by the way. Certain types of tumors practically feed off sugar -- and the more you eat, the faster they grow. That's why any cancer-fighting strategy should begin with the elimination of added sugars and the refined carbohydrates in processed foods.

But when it comes to colon cancer, diet is important -- but it's not the only action you need to take to protect yourself. Even if you're healthy (or think you're healthy) and have a perfect diet of fresh and natural foods, you could still get the disease.

Your risk will be lower, but it won't be zero.

And that's why it's critical that everyone middle-aged or older get a colonoscopy, the one cancer screening that can detect and eliminate the disease at the same time.

I know some people are a little squeamish about the idea, but don't be. The procedure comes with little risk and -- thanks to anesthesia -- minimal discomfort.

The worst part is actually the night before, when you have to drink a bowel-clearing preparation and stick close to the toilet.

Think of it this way: Some people go to clinics and pay good money to have their bowels cleared. With a colonoscopy, it's included.

I'm not done with carbs and cancer yet -- keep reading for more, especially if you're a man.