1. Sugar can destroy your health in 3 ways

    What a ‘fun size’ candy can REALLY do to you

    At some point in the past few weeks, just about every store in the country transformed into a candy store.

    Even the pharmacy is loaded with super-sized bags containing hundreds of little pieces of “fun size” candy!

    Something tells me it’s not all for trick-or-treaters.

    Plenty of adults like to cheat this time of year. They’re just tiny packs of candy – and they can’t hurt THAT much, can they?

    All I can say is… put down the peanut butter cups, and step away from the M&Ms.

    Because it turns out even a LITTLE sugar can hurt a WHOLE LOT more than you might think!

    The TRUE TOLL of even small amounts of sugar

    All things in moderation, right?


    Sugar is food for some of the shadiest characters around—and I don’t mean the little ghosts and goblins knocking on your door next month.

    It can feed a few things you’d much rather starve:

    • Sugar FEEDS cancer: Yeah, cancer. Yikes. Many types of tumors are fueled by sugar. When you eat candy… even a “fun size” treat… tumors get exactly what they need to grow and thrive. People who eat more sugar tend to not only have a higher risk of cancer, but a higher risk of more advanced cancers. Sugar also leads to weight gain, and obesity itself has been linked to more than a dozen types of cancer.
    • Sugar FEEDS bacteria: You know all about the little germs in your gut. They help with everything from digestion to mood to immune system function. Sugar, however, helps to feed the wrong bacteria. It can help the BAD germs in your gut – the ones trying to make you sick – so they can overwhelm the good bacteria and take over.
    • Sugar FEEDS inflammation: You’ve heard of an inflammation-fighting diet by now. It’s a key to healthy aging, since keeping inflammation in check can help fight everything from pain to chronic disease to death. Eating sugar is the exact opposite of an inflammation-fighting diet. It’s an inflammation-causing diet – and one that could lead to major and potentially deadly chronic health problems.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t have sugar, ever, in any form…

    It’s the ADDED sugars that are important need to avoid. Natural sugars in moderation – like from a piece of fruit or a bowl of berries – can and SHOULD stay on the menu.

    Sure, the trick-or-treaters might run if you pull out an apple. That’s fine… keep it for yourself and satisfy your own sweet tooth in the most natural way possible.

  2. This breakthrough diet is cancer’s WORST enemy

    This breakthrough diet is cancer’s WORST enemy

    It’s the cancer-fighting secret that EVERYONE will be talking about in the near future.

    But today, I’m going to put you ahead of the curve.

    I’ve got tomorrow’s news today — because I’ve got the scoop on the groundbreaking research behind a proven technique that attacks the hidden cause of many cancers.

    This simple, easy-to-follow program will FIGHT the tumor at its root and CRUSH it.

    This cutting-edge cancer cure isn’t a drug with side effects.

    It’s not even a vitamin or supplement.

    The secret is a natural diet designed to specifically SEEK and DESTORY the pathogenic fungal infections we now know are often the cause of so many cancers.

    It’s called the Kaufmann diet, and it was developed by researcher and mycotoxin expert Doug Kaufmann. It’s specially designed to starve these infections so that the cancer cells die off — and it’s proven to work if you HAVE cancer, if you’re at RISK for cancer, or if you’re just concerned and want to make sure that you NEVER get this disease.

    Kaufmann’s diet came about after he discovered striking similarities between cancer and fungi, including how they both thrive on sugars.

    More importantly, they both DIE without those same sugars.

    Of course, sugar isn’t just the white stuff in a porcelain bowl in your cupboard.

    In addition to that sugar itself, carbs such as grains — including whole grains — are converted into sugars inside your body.

    As a result, the first phase of the Kaufmann diet severely restricts sugars and carbs.

    Alcohol is also forbidden. Not only is booze a top cause of the disease, but the sugars in alcohol can help feed the fungal infections at the root of these cancers.

    You also need to avoid yeast, which will be less of a problem without bread and beer (but watch ingredients carefully — you’d be surprised how often they sneak it in), as well as fungi and mushrooms (for obvious reasons) and peanuts, which can contain fungal mycotoxins.

    Patients are also given anti-fungal medications and/or supplements in this phase.

    Without the sugars, the fungi behind many cancers in the body choke and die, killing tumors at the same time.

    And that’s not all.

    This phase also works in three other ways:

    1. It boosts your immune system so that your body is better equipped to fight cancer.
    2. It slashes your levels of the damaging inflammation that helps tumors to thrive.
    3. It protects your DNA from the damage of the fungal infection.

    Once this phase is complete — and you’re feeling better than you have in years — dieters can slowly restore low levels of healthy carbohydrates.

    For more on this powerful cancer-fighting regimen, visit Doug Kaufmann’s website,

  3. Sugar study funded by junk food companies

    Sugar is bad for you. That should be obvious, but a new study claims sugar’s been given a bum rap. Turns out that “study” was funded by the junk food industry!
  4. Sugar increases breast cancer risk

    Sugar can increase your risk of breast cancer, with the biggest risk coming from the fructose in high-fructose corn syrup.
  5. Daily sugar intake and heart disease

    Even a moderate sugar habit can increase your risk of death from heart disease by nearly a fifth, and a heavier habit can double that risk, new research finds.
  6. Daily sugar intake may cause Alzheimer’s

    Sugar can damage the brain, leading to the type of damage linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia and more, according to a new study.
  7. Is an Oreo Cookie Addictive?

    Oreo cookies could be just as addictive as hard drugs such as cocaine, according to new research.
  8. Sugary drinks raise gout risk

    Drinking soda can increase the risk of gout -- even in people who have a gene that protects them from the disease.
  9. Too much sugar can caus sex problems and early death

    Sugar in levels millions of Americans consume each day can cause sexual dysfunction in men and early death in women, according to new research on mice.
  10. Too much sugar leads to heart failure

    New research shows how eating sugar can cause your body to produce a substance that can lead to heart failure.
  11. Drinking soda and diabetes link

    Soda has been linked to diabetes yet again, with each daily can you drink increasing your risk by more than a fifth.
  12. Stick to the recommended sugar intake

    Sugary drinks such as soda are taking a deadly toll, killing at least 25,000 Americans every year, according to new research out of Harvard.
  13. High-glycemic index foods increase diabetes risk

    Foods high on the glycemic index -- especially sugars -- can dramatically increase the risk of diabetes, according to new research.
  14. Healthy lifestyles prevent obesity

    A new look at dozens of studies finds that adding sugar to the diet leads to weight gain... and removing it leads to weight loss.
  15. Saturated fats kill sperm

    Saturated fats -- the unhealthiest of the fats found in meat and junk food -- can cause sperm counts to plunge by 41 percent.
  16. How to avoid kidney stones

    More people than ever can expect to battle kidney stones, with new numbers showing the risk has nearly doubled over 16 years. Here's how to avoid them.
  17. New diet drug lorcaserin is not effective for weight loss

    New drug lorcaserin, approved by an FDA panel for weight loss, fails to meet even minimal FDA standards for effectiveness and is linked to cancer and heart problems.
  18. Soda scare: Sugary drinks linked to new heart risk

    Any time I use the words "soda" and "study" in the same sentence, it's never good news for soda. I can't recall a single study that shows soda benefits anything other than the bank accounts of the people who sell it. And the latest research is no exception.
  19. The true risks of soda

    Sugar is probably the most dangerous ingredient in most sodas -- but I have to say "probably" here, because it's got some pretty tough competition. Most sodas aren't drinks so much as water mixed with a collection of ingredients that seem like they belong in chemistry kits instead of food and beverages.
  20. Snack bars make lousy snacks

    Most of us have done it at some point. Looking for a quick snack, we bypass the candy bars and grab something that's supposedly healthier -- like a cereal, granola, or energy bar.

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