1. Microwave can wipe out health benefits of broccoli

    Are you ruining your broccoli?

    Blasting microwave radiation at your meals isn't exactly a recipe for good health -- but if you're "nuking" your chow anyway, here's a little more food for thought: Microwave ovens can kill off key nutrients -- especially the nutrients and health benefits of broccoli.

    Broccoli is one of the best natural sources of sulforaphane, which can raise levels of antioxidants in your body, prevent cancer (especially breast cancer) and fight off tumors when they do form.

    It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory, and recent studies have shown it may even protect against arthritis.

    But there's always a catch, right?

    In this case, it's a pretty big one: Broccoli keeps the sulforaphane locked up in its inert form, which is useless to you. The only way to activate it is to eat an enzyme called myrosinase along with it.

    Conveniently, that myrosinase is also found in broccoli.

    But if you cook the broccoli, you wipe out the myrosinase -- and, according to one new study on the health benefits of broccoli, the fastest way to kill off this enzyme is with the microwave.

    Nuking your broccoli for even one minute is enough to wipe out practically all of the myrosinase.

    No myrosinase means no sulforaphane -- and no sulforaphane means losing all the health benefits of broccoli.

    The best way to maximize myrosinase isn't to eat broccoli raw. It's to steam it until it turns bright green -- about 3-4 minutes, according to the study presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research's annual conference.

    (Just don't use one of those microwave steamers; that defeats the purpose.)

    Don't stop there. Along with broccoli, serve a side salad with some raw radish, arugula, and/or wasabi. All three also contain natural myrosinase and will help awaken the sulforaphane locked inside your broccoli.

    And all three are pretty healthy -- not to mention tasty -- on their own.

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  2. Sulforaphane compound can stop osteoarthritis damage

    Broccoli can beat arthritis

    It's the painkiller hidden in the produce aisle -- a safe and natural blend of nutrients such as sulforaphane with the power to fight inflammation and maybe even prevent the misery of arthritis.

    And you can get it for a buck or two a pound.

    Is that a bargain or what?

    It's broccoli, of course, and ounce for ounce you just won't find a more powerful concentration of critical vitamins. But today, I want to focus on just one of them: a sulfur compound called sulforaphane.

    In a series of experiments, mice given a diet rich in sulforaphane had less of the joint and cartilage damage linked to osteoarthritis than mice not given the compound.

    When the experiment was repeated on human and cow tissue, same thing happened -- and it's almost certainly because sulforaphane can block the enzymes that cause inflammation in cartilage.

    Less inflammation means less damage to the cartilage -- and if you can prevent that damage to the cartilage, you can avoid the pain of osteoarthritis, aka the "wear and tear" form of the disease that strikes many of us as we age.

    Next up, researchers plan a clinical trial to see if it works in humans ready to get surgery for their own osteoarthritis.

    But why wait?

    This isn't a drug experiment. It's broccoli, something we already know is healthy and something you should be eating anyway. And while broccoli is the best natural source of sulforaphane, you'll also find it in other cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

    Along with possibly slowing or even preventing osteoarthritis, sulforaphane is a proven inflammation-fighter that can help protect against other major diseases, up to and including cancer.

    Broccoli is also packed with essential minerals such as iron and potassium as well as nearly an entire alphabet's worth of vitamins -- and it tastes great steamed, grilled, boiled, broiled, baked and raw.

    Just be sure to get yours organic to make sure you get all of the nutrients without a dose of pesticides and other chemicals.

  3. Cure asthma with broccoli?

    A recent study, published in Clinical Immunology, found that broccoli sprouts may help control the symptoms of asthma.

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