Most of us can handle getting older. Getting weaker, however, is another story.

For men, the answer to the age-old problems of frailty may be locked inside our testosterone levels, as a new study out of Australia finds that low levels of the hormone could sap you of your vim and vigor.

Australian researchers looked at testosterone levels in 3,616 men between 70 and 88 years old. Between four and seven years later, they were able to follow up with 1,586 of them.

Those with the lowest levels of testosterone, both at the start of the study and years later, were most likely to have at least three of five key signs of deteriorating health: chronic fatigue, difficulty with simple walking, difficulty climbing a single flight of stairs, weight loss and major medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis.

That's a lot to face all at once... but it doesn't have to be your fate, even if you are suffering from low testosterone levels.

It's nothing to be ashamed of--in fact, it's only natural.

In addition to aging, low testosterone levels can be caused by anything from disease to poor diet to obesity. Even some meds can rob you of your testosterone.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, statins have been linked to low hormone levels. So as more people spend decades on these drugs, expect to see frailty and other problems related to low testosterone skyrocket to epidemic proportions.

No wonder Big Pharma's already starting a big push for its synthetic testosterone treatments.

If you suspect you may be suffering from low testosterone or simply want to see where you stand, be sure to visit a doctor who has extensive experience with natural hormones-- and only a doctor who has extensive experience with natural hormones.

The key word here is "natural"--because the last thing in the world your body needs is dangerous synthetic hormones. Just ask all the women harmed by the phony estrogen used in hormone replacement therapy.

Big Pharma's hormones aren't quite right--none of them are. Big Pharma patents what it sells, to prevent others from selling the same thing. Since you can't patent something as completely natural as a hormone, they have to invent something that's just a little bit off.

But your body knows the difference.

So if you need a boost, turn instead to bioidentical hormones. Not only are they safer, but they also might help slow the aging process--and lower your risk of getting old and frail before your time.