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  1. Thyroid cancer often needs no treatment

    Beat this common cancer WITHOUT surgery

    There's nothing more frightening than a cancer diagnosis... and nothing patients want more than to have the tumor ripped right out.

    But if you've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, don't rush into surgery just yet.

    The latest research confirms that at least half of all these cancers DON'T need treatment after all!

    Low-risk thyroid tumors often cause no problems... pose no threat... and never grow into dangerous cancers.

    They can be safely left alone, often for the rest of your life.

    No drugs. No radiation. No surgery. Nothing!

    These tumors are called papillary thyroid carcinoma. More than half measure 10 mm or less, a size that the new study finds can be safely left alone and treated only when they show signs of becoming more aggressive.

    In 90 percent of all cases, that never happens -- and in older patients, the numbers are even better.

    If you're over the age of 70, your odds of eventually needing surgery are just 3.5 percent.

    Of course, that also means some folks will need to be treated down the road, but it turns out that you've got plenty of breathing room. Even if the tumor eventually grows into a threat, getting checked six months after diagnosis and then once a year after that means it will almost always be caught in time.

    Not a single person in the study who took this "watchful waiting" approach died of the cancer or any condition related to it.

    Those who rushed into surgery, on the other hand, often regretted it.

    Many suffered from temporary paralysis of their vocal cords, and the operation left a nasty scar across their necks.

    And, of course, there was also the biggest risk of all, suffered pretty much 100 percent of the time when the thyroid is removed.

    Losing the organ means losing its function, which is a pretty important one. You need thyroid hormone for metabolism, muscle, bone health, and more.

    When it's removed, you have to replace the hormone.

    Most patients are put onto a drug and need careful and constant monitoring. While there is a safer natural form of thyroid hormone available, it's still not ideal. After all, nothing is as safe or as natural as what your own thyroid makes -- so you want to hang onto it for as long as you can.

    Now, the new study shows you can.

    If you have a small, low-risk tumor and a doc itching to remove it, get a second opinion -- because you may not need the operation after all.

  2. Thyroid cancer linked to furniture chemicals

    The TOXIC chemical hiding in your living room

    Is your SOFA giving you cancer?

    I know that sounds crazy. Downright ridiculous, really. It's just a piece of furniture -- and, I hope, a pretty comfy one at that.

    But don't get too comfortable... because there might something hiding in your loveseat that you're going to absolutely hate.

    New research finds that toxic chemicals used to help household items like sofas resist fires could escape... and get inside your body.

    And once they're in you, they can cause serious damage -- including the kind of damage that can lead to thyroid cancer.

    In the study, researchers examined 140 patients -- half of whom had been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, which is the most common form of the disease.

    When they took blood samples as well as samples of dust from the homes of each patient, they found that two common flame retardants used in furniture in particular can increase the risk of thyroid cancer.

    One chemical, called BDE-209, doubled the risk of this form of the disease... and that's not even the worst of it.

    A second chemical, TCEP, not only increased the risk of thyroid cancer, but also boosted the odds of the more aggressive tumors by FOUR TIMES.

    The problem is that some flame-retardant chemicals are actually so similar to thyroid hormones that they can interfere with the normal balance of hormones inside your body.

    And these chemicals could be inside your sofa... right now.

    It's enough to make you want to drag the thing out to the curb next collection day!

    If it's getting up there in years, it might not be a terrible idea, since some of the worst of the chemicals are found in older furniture.

    But while new ones are safer, they're not completely safe. Some even contain chemicals so dangerous they're banned from children's pajamas... but somehow still allowed in sofas.

    So, whether your sofa is old enough to vote or so new it still has the tags on it, take steps to limit your exposure to toxins.

    You won't just find them in or on the sofa itself. They're released into the air as the materials in the sofa slowly break down.

    In other words, they're in the dust.

    Along with the chemicals released from your sofa, common house dust can contain toxins from other parts of your home and even pollutants from outside.

    Dust regularly, vacuum often, and wear a mask while you do it.

    As well, consider an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Be sure to clean or replace the filter often, and you'll have cleaner air and a lower risk of exposure to these and other toxins.

  3. Thyroid cancer doesn’t always need treatment

    Thyroid 'cancer' ISN’T always cancer Watch out! Docs have been pushing a new "thyroid awareness" scam -- and it's one that could mess up your body's hormone production for the rest of your life. Reports across the media are warning Americans to look for the early-warning signs of thyroid cancer. The "experts" are even urging folks to drink a glass...
  4. Thyroid cancer badly over-treated

    New numbers show that up to 80 percent of all thyroid cancer cases in women should not have been treated.
  5. Thyroid cancer may not need aggressive surgery

    Thyroid cancer is often over-treated with aggressive surgery to remove the whole thing, but some of these tumors are no longer considered cancer and don’t need surgery.
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    If you're taking diabetes meds, there's an urgent new warning out there that you just have to see.
  7. Do cellphones cause brain tumors?

    I remember 12 years ago a friend of mine was scheduled for thyroid cancer surgery. He was relatively young, had no strong family history of the disease and no exposure to any major source of radiation... except for one. As we spoke, I found out he was using his cellphone for buying and selling for 8 hours or more every day!
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    For too many dentists, the X-ray machine is more like a cash machine. They don't use it when they absolutely need images to diagnose a problem in your mouth. They use it the moment your insurance company will allow them to make a new set of images.
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    At least we're not getting fatter. The newest obesity numbers are in and, well, this is what passes for victory these days: Americans have had roughly the same rate of obesity for much of the past decade, with a little more than a third of us in need of plus-size clothing.
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    A new study shows what's really at stake here: People who get X-rayed the most have the highest risk of thyroid cancer.

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