1. Is THIS secret condition leaving you EXHAUSTED?

    Is THIS secret condition leaving you EXHAUSTED?

    Doctors CAN’T explain it. And some of them WON’T acknowledge it.

    Yours may even try to tell you that chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t real.

    It’s enough to make you want to smack him… if only you had the energy!

    But while he’s pretending that CFS is a made-up disorder, new research reveals a way to treat it.

    It’s not what he’s been using. In what’s often the ultimate insult on top of injury, many mainstream docs give antidepressants to women with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    It’s a sure sign that they think the problem is all in your head.

    Turns out, that’s off the mark by about 8 inches.

    It could be an issue just below your head, in the thyroid gland sitting inside your neck, as the new study finds a link between chronic fatigue and low levels of all-important thyroid hormones.

    But here’s the catch: Your doctor won’t notice it because he’s running the wrong test!

    Even if he’s “with it” enough to check in on your thyroid function, he’ll almost certainly only test for levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

    That’s the hormone cranked out by your pituitary gland when your levels of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 drop. Just as the name suggests, it’s supposed to “stimulate” the thyroid into picking up the pace and making more.

    When TSH levels are normal, most mainstream docs assume T3 and T4 are in order, too.

    But that’s not the case with chronic fatigue. The study finds that patients can have perfectly normal TSH levels… while being desperately low in T3 and T4.

    That means that any doc who looks only at TSH will miss the problem entirely!

    The researchers are hoping that this will lead to new treatments for chronic fatigue. No doubt, some docs will start offering synthetic thyroid hormones.

    But that’s not the answer here.

    A natural herbal therapy called ashwagandha can improve levels of TSH and boost production of both T3 and T4 naturally.

    It can also do something even more important.

    While there may certainly be a thyroid component to chronic fatigue, many cases are a sign of problems in another gland.

    Chronic fatigue is often caused by overworked and stressed-out adrenal glands – a.k.a. adrenal fatigue – and that’s where ashwagandha really shines. This powerful natural remedy is proven to boost sagging adrenal function, restore energy, and renew your vitality.

    If often works wonders on its own, but for adrenal support I find it’s even more powerful when combined with other natural stress-busters such as Rhodiola rosea.

  2. Spot thyroid problems… and FIX them

    Is the Mona Lisa WARNING you of something?

    It’s the subject of the most famous portrait in the world: the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile.

    Six million people line up every year for a quick glimpse of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, and it seems like everyone has a different theory behind her smile.

    But what if it’s not a smile at all?

    What if it’s a symptom?

    A stunning new report reveals how that 500-year-old smile could have a message for you right now.

    It could help you SPOT the warning signs of a life-altering condition.

    And it could give you the TIME you need to GET HELP when it matters most.

    I’ll tell you how in just a moment.

    First, the new report finds that all of the theories about the Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile are wrong. She’s not pining for a lost love or mourning a lost child. She’s not holding in some great secret or just being wistful.

    She’s ill with a condition that was running rampant during the Renaissance, even though people at the time didn’t know what it was.

    Today, this condition is back again.

    And while it’s become much easier to diagnose and treat, it’s often getting ignored!

    The new report finds that the Mona Lisa may have had a classic case of hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid.

    That’s the gland we rely on to produce hormones for energy, metabolism, and vitality.

    When it slows down, we can feel sluggish, fatigued both physically and mentally -- and that may have been what the Mona Lisa was feeling when she cracked that half-hearted smile.

    Like I mentioned earlier, it might not have been a smile at all.

    Researchers now believe that it was a sign of weakened facial muscles due to poor thyroid function.

    The letter, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, also finds other possible warning signs: a slight swelling in the hands, receding hairline (and vanishing eyebrows), yellowing skin, and even a possible hint of a goiter.

    Of course, all of these centuries later, this is just speculation. But it certainly does add up, and it fits in with the 16th-century time of the Mona Lisa, when poor thyroid function was common due to dietary deficiencies.

    Unfortunately, it’s becoming common again, often caused by exposure to toxins hidden in food, water, medication, cosmetics, and more.

    You can help restore your thyroid by making sure it gets the nutrients it needs for good function.

    That starts, of course, with iodine – but what many people don’t realize is that iodine is useless by itself. Your body can’t put it to work without the amino acid L-tyrosine.

    Other essentials for good thyroid function include copper, zinc, and selenium.

    If you’ve been feeling sluggish yourself, don’t smile wistfully for your long-ago days of better energy.

    Look for a quality thyroid-support formula built around those basics.

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