1. Tinnitus defeated without drugs

    FINALLY! End that ringing in your ears

    What's worse than a noisy neighbor keeping you up all night?

    It's when that noise isn't coming from outside... but is already inside your own head.

    Some 50 million Americans are battling at least some degree of tinnitus, a.k.a. the "ringing in the ears" that can drive you absolutely batty and keep you from sleeping at night.

    I'm going to give you the simple secret to blissful silence in a moment, but first, there's a headline-making new gadget that has people with this condition excited.

    The experimental device looks like something out of a spy movie designed to "make you talk."

    It's a set of headphones that fires off a series of sounds on a certain pattern, along with a bunch of electrodes that zap you at the same time.

    The two work together to trigger nerve reactions in your brain to help quiet the tinnitus.

    In the new study, it didn't cure the condition... but the folks who tried it said they had more quiet and a better overall quality of life.

    That sounds good.

    And who knows? Maybe it'll turn out to be everything they're talking about and more.

    But there are some drawbacks.

    First, you have to do this for 30 minutes every day to get even the modest results seen in the new study.

    Second, it's not even available yet.

    And third, once it hits the market, who knows how much it'll cost... I'm guessing it won't be cheap.

    That's hardly a ringing endorsement.

    Fortunately, you don't have to wait for this device... shell out big money once it's available... and sit around zapping yourself for half an hour every day.

    You can get REAL and LASTING relief, and you can get it right now.

    Most docs will tell you that there's no cure. Most docs will say that there's not even a decent treatment, and they'll recommend cognitive behavioral therapy as the only option.

    I'm not most docs.

    I've developed a simple two-step plan that can turn down the noise or even shut if off for good.

    First, look for possible triggers that can cause or worsen tinnitus. If you haven't done so already, start by eliminating booze, tobacco, and caffeine. Some meds can also cause ringing in the ears, so work with a holistic doc on finding natural options when possible.

    And second, since poor blood flow is a major cause of tinnitus, take supplements that can restore circulation to the inner ear.

    I recommend pine bark extract, ginkgo biloba, or vinpocetine.

  2. Tinnitus strikes 10 percent of U.S. adults

    Stop the ringing in your ears for good

    There's an irritating noise that seems to be getting worse, and it's not the grating sounds of yet another political speech.

    At least most of those will be gone after Election Day.

    Tinnitus, on the other hand, can be with you on and off for the rest of your life -- a "ringing" or "buzzing" sound in the ears that just won't go away.

    Now, the latest research shows how 1 in 10 Americans are battling some form of this condition, suffering from what at the very least is an annoyance and what at its worst is often a debilitating condition that can rob you of your quality of life and drive you absolutely batty at the same time.

    For nearly two-thirds of those folks, tinnitus comes and goes -- it's there some days, but not others.

    But for 36 percent of Americans, it's the soundtrack of life: always there, and always noticeable.

    Sometimes, you literally can't hear yourself think!

    The study finds that many folks who have this condition never get help, with less than half speaking to a doctor about it.

    But the other half doesn't get much help either.

    Hearing aids and medications will only get you so far, and for many people they don't work at all.

    And when that happens, the doc will shrug and suggest that you buy a "masking" device.

    That's basically a white noise machine that can help replace the annoying constant ringing in your ears with another sound that's just as constant, but a little less annoying.

    Since most mainstream docs will tell you straight up there's not much they can do for the condition, it's no surprise many patients don't even bother getting help.

    But if you've got tinnitus, help is finally on the way. Your own doc might not know how to treat tinnitus, but I do.

    I've been able to help patients ease or even eliminate tinnitus completely with a simple two-step plan.

    Step One is to recognize that there are things that can trigger or worsen tinnitus -- and that means it's time to eliminate booze, tobacco and caffeine, if you haven't done so already.

    Certain medications can also cause ringing in the ears, and can often be replaced with natural therapies (but of course work with your doc before you make any changes to your meds).

    And Step Two is to take supplements that can restore circulation to the inner ear, since poor blood flow is a major cause of tinnitus. I recommend pine bark extract, ginkgo biloba or vinpocetine.

    They're safe and inexpensive... and most importantly, they WORK.

  3. Natural cures for the ringing in the ear called tinnitus

    A study finds that psychotherapy and ocean sounds can ease tinnitus -- but there are some easier treatments that can do even more to stop the ringing for good.
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