1. Iron deficiency may not be why you're tired

    Iron isn't always the answer for fatigue

    I recently treated a woman in her 40s who had been experiencing fatigue for two years -- and the entire time, her other doctors kept telling her that her lab tests were "normal."

    But fatigue is never normal, so I ran a few more tests -- including a test for iron stores known as ferritin.

    As it turned out, her levels were quite low due to very heavy periods. Within two weeks of increasing her iron levels, her fatigue began to fade.

    For some women, iron can be a safe, inexpensive and completely natural way to slash fatigue levels -- but file this one under "don't try this at home."

    Too much iron can be as dangerous as too little, so you shouldn't take iron pills unless you've been diagnosed with a deficiency -- even if the latest research sounds great on paper.

    In this one, women who took 80mg of iron a day cut their fatigue levels by 50 percent, compared to 28 percent among those given a placebo.

    But it's a lot more complicated than "pop a pill, and feel better."

    The 198 women in this study had tests for circulating iron, and while they were not deficient, they were all in the lower end of the "normal" range.

    It's a wide range, and some women do better in the middle and upper end of it, but the real problem is that these tests alone simply don't tell you enough. Most doctors never run a ferritin test -- and without that, it's simply impossible to have a clear picture of the patient's true iron levels.

    So, it could have been low iron. But it could have been something else, too.

    Remember, there are many common causes of fatigue, including viral infections, fungal growth, parasites, and drug side effects. But the one that comes up most often is a hormonal imbalance -- usually the so-called "adrenal burnout" that is among the most under-diagnosed hormonal problems in the country.

    Because there are so many possible causes for fatigue, it's important that you don't try to self-diagnose and self-treat. And whatever you do, don't add iron supplements to your regimen on your own -- but do make sure your doctor tests both your circulating iron and ferritin levels.

    I recommend a holistic doctor who can perform advanced testing, including comprehensive iron testing, to find the true cause of your fatigue.

  2. Herbs fight the fatigue of overworked adrenal glands

    Find the energy you've been missing

    Burned out, run down, worn, pooped, tuckered and just plain tired. Fatigue has a lot of names, but they all add up to the same thing: You feel beat.

    So you slurp down coffee and energy drinks only to find yourself right back where you started. But there's a simple secret that could be the key to unlocking your energy banks.

    The secret is in your adrenals, the pair of glands that sit just above your kidneys.

    Your adrenals play a role in lots of stuff -- regulating both your blood sugar and blood pressure, to name just two of the biggies -- but one of their most important jobs is releasing the stress hormone cortisol whenever your body needs it.

    Just one problem: In today's 24-hour society, everyday stressors can cause your body to signal that it needs cortisol ... so your adrenals pump this stuff out in order to help you copy with the stress.

    Eventually, your poor adrenals just can't keep up. They're burned-out, run-down, worn, pooped, tuckered and just plain tired themselves... and when they're fatigued, you're fatigued.

    It's the energy crisis of the 21st century, and I've got a 21st century solution with my adrenal support formula, Adrenal Performance Plus.

    Think of it as the antidote for the modern lifestyle -- ironic, when you consider that one of the main ingredients is an herb that's been traditionally used for centuries in India.

    It's called ashwagandha, and according to the Ayurvedic tradition it's an all-natural energy booster. Looks like these folks knew what they were doing way back when, because modern science is starting to back ashwagandha in a big way.

    In one recent clinical trial, ashwagandha extract was shown to relieve the fatigue, tension and exhaustion that accompany the everyday stresses of life. As a bonus, the patients who took it were able to concentrate better and remain more alert.

    That's why my secret to boundless energy begins with ashwagandha. But it doesn't end there. I also added rhodiola rosea, a traditional stress fighter and one of my favorite mood-enhancers.

    You'll find it in Adrenal Performance Plus -- along with five other all-natural adrenal-supporting energy boosters. Together, these seven ingredients help nourish and support your adrenals so you could finally get the energy you've been looking for, and I'm not talking about a little boost here and there.

    I'm talking about the power to change your life.

    Think of all things you've wanted to do and everything you've wanted to accomplish, but haven't gotten around to simply because you "don't have the energy."

    Next, imagine having more mental strength, willpower and raw energy to get all that done and then some.

    Now, stop imagining and visit this link to order your own supply of Adrenal Performance Plus.

  3. Move more, sleep better

    Sometimes, the simplest things are hardest to get -- like a good night's sleep.
  4. Apnea in new heart risk link

    But now, researchers say that in addition to leaving you gasping for air in the night, sleep apnea could also be responsible for serious blood vessel abnormalities -- problems that can actually steal blood right from your heart.

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