1. Some cancers can actually feed off chemotherapy

    How chemo can make your cancer stronger

    Cancer might sound scary, but you can beat it -- and I help patients take on this disease and win all the time.

    The real challenge in many cases isn't beating the disease. It's helping patients to survive mainstream treatments such as chemotherapy, which can be even deadlier than the cancer itself.

    And now, new research shows how chemo can actually backfire and help make the cancer stronger than ever, more likely to grow and even more likely to spread.

    It starts with healthy cells. Or, rather, it starts with cells that were healthy until chemo came in and wrecked them.

    These cells, called fibroblasts, usually produce collagen and help with wound healing. But once they're damaged by chemo, they start pumping out a protein called WNT 16B.

    And unfortunately, tumors just love WNT 16B. The more they get, the more they grow -- and in the recent experiments, fibroblasts damaged by chemo produced 30 times the normal levels of the protein.

    At that point, the tumor isn't "chemo resistant" anymore, even if that's the phrase your oncologist will use. It's actually chemo powered -- and instead of dying off, the tumor thrives because of the very treatment that was supposed to wipe it out.

    It's a terrible irony, but researchers say it helps explain why up to 90 percent of solid cancers -- including cancers of the lung, breast, prostate, and colon -- go on to develop that "chemo resistance."

    And I say it's just one reason why chemo often kills patients before it kills the cancer.

    I won't say there's no role for chemotherapy, but too many people rush into it, not fully informed of the risks and believing they have no other choice.

    There are always other choices.

    Sometimes, chemo might be appropriate. But other times, it's not. Just make sure you inform yourself first. And if you do choose chemo, work with a holistic doctor to help limit the damage of this toxic treatment.

    And for more on natural ways to beat cancer, keep reading -- because there's one proven disease-fighter that might be growing in your garden right now.

  2. Sunshine has the power to beat prostate cancer

    When it comes to prostate cancer, the biggest challenge isn't detecting it. It's sorting the common tumors that won't harm you from the rare ones that can kill you.

    Doctors haven't figured out the secret yet, but of course Mother Nature already has -- because there's one vitamin proven to stop the most dangerous tumors right in their tracks.

    The good news is that it's a vitamin you can get easily for free. The bad news is, you're probably not getting nearly enough of it.

    Yes, it's the same vitamin D you get from spending time under the sun… but don't get if, like most people, you spend the bulk of the day indoors (and cover yourself in sunscreen when you do head out to the beach).

    That's a big mistake for everyone, because we all need our D. And it's an even bigger mistake for men, because the latest research from the Harvard School of Public Health finds that high D levels have a powerful effect on the worst-of-the-worst prostate tumors.

    The study of more than 2,500 men tracked for nearly two decades finds that men with the highest blood levels of D were 57 percent less likely to die of those tumors than men with the lowest.

    In fact, of the 114 men in the study who did die of prostate cancer, 31 were in the group with the lowest blood levels of D -- while just 19 came from the group with the highest.

    The study didn't find any difference in the overall number of tumors, but I think the survival benefit alone means it's worth making sure you increase your D levels -- especially since studies have shown it's one of our biggest nutritional deficiencies.

    The cheapest way, of course, is to head outside and soak up some rays. But the easiest way -- and the best way to make sure you consistently get what you need -- is by taking a supplement.

    You don't have to be concerned about your prostate to boost your levels of this essential hormone (and yes -- despite the name, it's a hormone). You don't even have to be a man, because vitamin D is essential for everything from bone health to brain support -- and it can boost the immune system like nothing else out there.

    But let's get back to prostate cancer, because along with vitamin D there's another all-natural substance that can help you beat the disease.

    Keep reading!

  3. Broccoli beats breast cancer

    I recommend cruciferous vegetables for detoxification so often that I'm sure some of my patients think I own stock in a broccoli farm.
  4. PSA tests don't save lives

    The best way to protect your prostate is to keep it far away from doctors who want to screen it -- and even further from the surgeons who make a living off prostate cancer procedures.
  5. New guidelines push more mammograms

    Just when I thought we were getting somewhere with cancer screenings, yet another organization has cooked up its own set of guidelines. And it's a huge step backwards.
  6. The cancer-busting diet you can start today

    What do tumors and bellies have in common? They both get bigger on a high-carb diet.
  7. PSA tests don't save lives

    Another new study exposes the failed promise of the PSA test. Researchers have found that while these screenings may detect some cancers, they won't actually make a difference when it comes to survival.

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