1. 2 pronged arthritis relief

    It's bad enough when mainstream doctors are ignorant about natural remedies.

    But what's much worse is when they out-and-out lie about them -- like all the doctors who tell their osteoarthritis patients not to bother with glucosamine and chondroitin.

    This bad advice means millions of patients suffering from the pain and misery of osteoarthritis never try the one thing that might actually help them.

    It's a crime, if you ask me, because there's more science to back glucosamine and chondroitin than there is for most of the drugs commonly given to osteoarthritis patients (and your doctor probably knows it, too).

    And now, we've got even more as a major new study confirms that these two supplements taken together can slow the narrowing of joint space inside the knee.

    That narrowing space is caused by the loss of cartilage, or the cushion that protects your knee. The more cushion you lose, the more pain you feel as the joint starts to grind itself to dust.

    Over the long term, that loss of space is what ultimately sets the stage for debilitating and even crippling knee pain.

    But if you take glucosamine and chondroitin, you could slow that process, protect your knees and stop the pain before it starts, according to the new study in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases.

    And let's see those mainstream doctors try to dismiss this study, because it meets the so-called gold standard in every possible way: It was long-term, double blind and placebo controlled.

    After two years, the patients given 1,500 mg of glucosamine sulfate and 800 mg of chondroitin sulfate per day saw their joint space narrowing improve by 0.1 mm.

    I know what you might be thinking. An improvement of 0.1 mm doesn't sound like much.

    But God didn't put much extra room inside our bodies when He designed us, and the knee is packed more tightly than a city bus at rush hour. Inside your knees, a difference of 0.1 mm could be the difference between comfort and misery.

    Of course, nothing works for all people, all the time, and that's as true for glucosamine and chondroitin as it is for anything else. Some people have great results, some are disappointed and in some cases it can make almost no difference at all.

    Don't give up, and don't turn to pain meds or even surgery -- because there are other natural options out there, including collagen.

    I recommend a form called UC-II.

    And if you need more help slowing and even reversing the damage of osteoarthritis and ending the pain for good, make an appointment to see me at my clinic outside San Diego.

    If you're not in Southern California, I can still help -- I'm also available for telephone consultations. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule yours.

    I'm not done with arthritis yet. Next up: A surprising way to avoid rheumatoid.

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  2. High failure rate of joint operations

    Joint surgeries don't always work

    Joint operations is a major procedure -- and it can be a major disappointment for many of the people who get it.

    Unfortunately, these joint operations have a shockingly high failure rate -- so high, that nearly half of all patients see little to no improvement in the months and even years that follow, according to one new study.

    Think about that for a minute.

    That means that after all the time and expense of surgery -- after all the pain and misery of the recovery and rehab process -- it's practically a coin toss whether or not you'll actually get any meaningful benefit.

    And even if you do manage to see some improvement, the study of 2,400 older adults with osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis finds it's usually not the complete relief you were hoping for.

    In many cases, it's not even close to complete.

    That said, the study does find that joint operations may benefit certain people -- specifically, patients who have pain only in the single joint getting surgery and no other health problems.

    But that's not your typical joint patient.

    Most are battling arthritis, and they have pain in several joints... maybe even all of them, including a few they didn't even realize they had.

    But whether you're battling pain in a single joint or all of them, you don't have to pin all your hopes on a surgery with a failure rate of nearly 50 percent -- because in many cases, you can stop and even reverse joint damage and end the pain naturally.

    I use a nutritional approach that focuses on two things at once: First, natural anti-inflammatory compounds such as turmeric that can help bring the immediate pain relief you're so desperately looking for.

    And second, I recommend natural compounds such as UC-II, a form of collagen that's proven to restore damaged joints to health.

    It's an approach that's helped more than a few of my own patients postpone joint operations for good. And if you're considering surgery yourself, it's an approach you should try first.

    And whatever you do don't fall into the prescription painkiller trap. Last month I told readers the shocking truth about how common drugs can turn deadly. Click here to read this very important warning.

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