1. Vaccines under fire by Hollywood legend

    The $100,000 jackpot Big Pharma will never collect

    It's a $100,000 prize, there for the taking -- but you can bet $100,000 more that it'll never be claimed.

    Screen legend Robert De Niro and political scion Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are offering the bounty to ANYONE who can prove the safety of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative commonly used in vaccines.

    All you have to do is find a single peer-reviewed and published study that shows this compound poses no risk in the doses routinely given to children and pregnant women.

    Should be a piece of cake for the mainstream, right?

    Big Pharma and its army of scientists and lawyers have ALL insisted that thimerosal is safe. The FDA has claimed that the little bit of mercury hiding inside won't hurt you. And of course Big Pharma's vaccine propaganda agency, the CDC, swears up and down that it's perfectly harmless.

    So, will ANYONE step forward and claim the prize?

    No doubt, $100,000 would come in handy to plenty of folks, especially the ones trying to scratch by on a government salary at the FDA or CDC.

    But they can't claim the prize.

    They can't... because the study DOESN'T EXIST!

    There is literally NO evidence that thimerosal is safe in ANY dose, including the levels found in flu shots and other vaccines, and plenty of evidence to the contrary.

    Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin that can scramble your gray matter even in low levels, and is especially dangerous to the still-developing brains of children, babies, and the unborn.

    It's been linked developmental delays, autism, ADHD, and more; and it's likely worse when combined with the other dangers hiding in vaccines, which include everything from other metals to aborted fetal cells.

    Of course, the mainstream doesn't want to talk about any of this.

    They'll slander anyone who even questions the presence of toxic metals in vaccines as an "anti-vaxxer," even when they're not actually against vaccines.

    "I am pro vaccine," Kennedy has written. "I had all of my six children vaccinated."

    That's right. He's PRO vaccine. I bet you haven't heard that from the dishonest media. Many parents, doctors and scientists who question vaccines will tell you the same thing.

    Yet, they get slapped with the "anti-vaxxer" label and dismissed just for asking basic questions about safety -- questions ANY responsible parent should ask.

    Isn't that what science is all about?

    If your doctor is pushing a shot that you're not comfortable with, especially one such as the flu shot that contains mercury, tell him you'll think about getting it... just as soon as someone claims that $100,000 prize.

  2. Vaccinations for children

    A vaccine is supposed to protect against disease. That's why we have vaccinations for children, after all.

    But the dirty secret about vaccinations for children is that they don't always work as advertised -- and if you want to see a prime example of a major vaccine failure, look no further than the mumps outbreak of 2009.

    This one struck the Orthodox Jewish community in the New York-New Jersey area, and spread through all-boys schools, ultimately infecting 3,502 children.

    But according to a look at data on 1,648 of those children, 89 percent were given two mumps shots before the outbreak, while another 8 percent had one shot. That's a total vaccination rate of 97 percent among the kids who eventually caught the disease they were supposedly protected against.

    And that's not the only shocker here.

    The numbers show that the few kids who were unvaccinated actually had the lowest infection rate of all, while the kids who had two shots were the most likely to get sick.

    But it's one thing to merely not protect kids. It's quite another to expose them to risks at the same time -- and that's exactly what's happening here with vaccinations for children.

    The mumps shot is almost never given out by itself. It is part of a combination vaccine called MMR, for measles, mumps, and rubella. It's a shot that has been linked to seizures, bleeding disorders, and brain damage.

    Even the CDC acknowledges those potential side effects, by the way.

    The shot has also been considered by some medical authorities as a cause of autism.

    It's a clear case of a vaccine that's providing plenty of risk but little to no benefit -- and even if you support vaccinations for children, there's no reason these shots can't be spaced apart and delivered separately to minimize those risks. But parents and doctors are handcuffed, since the individual components of this vaccine are not available anymore.

    And anyone who even asks for this common-sense approach -- individual shots spaced out instead of delivered all at once -- risks being branded an anti-vaccine radical. Some parents are ostracized and even bullied for daring to question the vaccine schedule.

    Not the vaccinations for children, mind you -- just the schedule.

    Don't allow anyone to bully you. I encourage you to read up on vaccines, inform yourself, and make the best decisions for your family with the help of a holistic doctor who will respect your choices.

  3. Baby vaccine schedule tied to hospitalization and death

    Babies that get the most vaccines actually have a higher risk of hospitalization and death, according to new research.
  4. Mercury in vaccines making a comeback

    Docs are pushing to allow a mercury-based compound in vaccines years after asking for a ban on that same toxic ingredient.
  5. Behind the new autism numbers

    In the two decades since I opened my practice, I've seen a dramatic rise in the number of families with autistic children. I'm not the only one.
  6. The flu shot hoax revealed

    Flu shots don't work... but your friends in the media want you to get one anyway. A new study finds the scantest of all possible benefits from the most heavily hyped vaccine of all time -- benefits so small you have to wonder if they even exist at all.
  7. Dangerous vaccine now pushed on boys as well as girls

    I don't care how you feel about vaccinations in general -- but whether you love 'em, hate 'em, or just aren't sure, there's one needle out there that simply doesn't belong anywhere near a child. It's Gardasil, the dangerous HPV vaccine.

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